Yet Another Warlock Nerf

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misc October 10th, 2009 by Aluraud

Goodbye WoW

As you have hopefully noticed, I haven’t been posting very much recently. That’s because I finally bit the bullet and decided to take a break from WoW. Playing arena throughout TBC was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a video game. And despite not agreeing with many of the changes that Blizzard has [...]


The number of the week is 3

I was originally going to write a long, angry rant about the state of warlocks (pet resilience change did nothing, etc). I’ve changed my mind, however. One of the biggest changes in the upcoming season is the change to[...]

Devs ask for Warlock QQuestions

The WoW developers are posting a thread on several of the class forums asking for concerns from the community. They even posted one of these threads on the warlock forum (probably because of our insanely OP performance[...]

P.E.T.S. - Pathetically Easy Targets for Slaughter

Warlock pet survivability is currently laughably low. Due to this significant weakness it is more important than ever that you properly manage your pet in arena matches. When playing Warlock/Healer, especially, knowing w[...]

Decisions, decisions – The 3.1 Warlockian Dilemma

So 3.1 is here and there are a whole slew of incredibly important changes to the warlock class. Let’s review the big three: 1) You can no longer reliably keep fear up on a target that is DOTed. 2) You are no longer all[...]

12 Achievements Every Self-Respecting Warlock Must Complete

We already discussed the various ways warlocks can be evil. It's in our nature, and even those of us who aren't on RP servers must crave for world domination. There are many of us out there who pride themselves in spread[...]

Maximizing Warlock DPS Part 2: Not just face rolling

As many of you know, there is often the misconception that a warlock will sit down, bind all his keys to one particular spell, and then proceed to face roll the entire rest of the night. We've been accused of being an o[...]

Destruction Gets Nerfed

Blizzard just announced here that they hotfix nerfed Conflagration, so it does 70% in place of 100% damage of Immolate in an instant cast. As seen below, this has severely nerfed the previously powerful 0/40/31 destruc[...]

The Great Destro Migration

I know it’s been a while, folks, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to discuss something that’s going to ruin the game for me, so I decided to step forward and rant…and damn does it feel good. [...]

TCG Contest Results

You read the posts (I hope!) and had the chance to vote for the best one, and now's the time to announce the winners. The post with the highest number of votes is ...[...]