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Things To Do Before Patch 2.4 Hits

##NOLIGHTBOX##New patch notes are always a great source of useful info. Each patch, besides screwing most of your addons and nerfing your class has its impact on economy and it’s always good to prepare yourself. Here’s a list of what you should be buying.

Void Crystals
Currently, the price for Void Crystals is 15-20g per piece, and you can expect the prices to double as soon as 2.4 hits live realms. Large Prismatic Shards sell for 25-30g.
A new enchanting recipe will be introduced, which will enable you to shatter a Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards, once every 23 hours.
Be sure to stack up on those Void Crystals soon, because I’m sure there are many others who expect to make a profit from this and the price will rise even before patch. You should be able to make a decent profit just by selling Void Crystals also. Large Prismatic Shards’ price will probably drop a bit over couple of weeks after patch, so don’t expect this to go on forever, but there’s no reason not to earn a few hundred easy gold with this.

Primal Nether
It will no longer be Bind on Pickup, which means you will be able to sell it. If you’re doing heroic dungeons often and have no profession that can use Nethers, I’m sure you can snag a lot of them before 2.4. Even if you can’t use them, the hell with it - just need when they drop. For the first few weeks I’m sure the prices will be around 50g or more, so it’s worth it. Grab the daily heroic quest and that’s another 25g extra, plus some Badges of Justice, which you will need for the new gear. If you have too many Badges (I like to call it Badgers), you can even buy Primal Nether for 10 of them.

There are some new recipes to cut Talasite, Dawnstone and Noble Topaz into spell haste gems. With the change to spell haste (decreased global cooldown) these gems might become more valuable, but not much.

Arcanite Bar
Get rid of them, pronto. The transmute will no longer have a cooldown after 2.4 and they will be next to worthless. They can go for up to 10g on auction house, depending on demand, but the prices will most likely drastically decrease.

With new daily quests, many players will start fishing… daily. Additionaly, feltail fishing nodes have been changed to Brackish Mixed Schools and they now produce mostly Golden Darters and some Feltail. Golden Fish Sticks price may decrease.

Fel Lotus
Sell it while it’s hot. It’s over 30g a piece now on my realm, which is way too much. There’s a few changes which will affect Fel Lotus’ price: Ancient Lichen will now drop Fel Lotus instead a random piece of worthless green jewelry. Herbing creatures in Outlands will now yield Fel Lotus, and no longer Black Lotus. Also, the chance that Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Ragveil, and Flame Caps will contain a Fel Lotus has been increased..

Doomlord Kazzak and Doomwalker
The loot they drop will no longer be bind on pickup, so if you have the chance to get a few items from them, you should be able to sell it for decent prices. I know, it’s a long shot, but a lot of guilds are just doing these bosses for fun and disenchant the items later. Come up with some reason to /need it, for the looks or whatever.

There’s a bunch of new items, including new Badge of Justice rewards, new Tier 6 items, additional PvP items for reputation, season 4… Enchanters will again be extremely busy; most wanted enchants would be:
Gloves - Superior Agility, Major Healing, Major Spellpower,
Bracers - Spellpower, Superior Healing, Enchant Bracer - Fortitude
Boots - Fortitude, Surefooted, Boar’s Speed
Chest - Exceptional Stats, Major Resilience
Weapon - Mongoose, Soulfrost, Savagery, Deathfrost, Executioner, Major Healing, Major Spellpower
Check out the required mats for those enchants and try to stock up on shards and primals.
Don’t forget various leg enchants, as well as Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments for shoulder enchants.

Marks of Honor
This one won’t make you any gold, but will instead save you some time farming honor. The new For Great Honor quest requires you to bring 1 mark from each bg, therefore 100 marks will yield 31,400 honor, which is a great boost. If you’re missing some marks, now is the time to get them.

PTR Patch notes can change before it goes live, so be sure to check up on them from time to time to see if there’s any new additions.

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6 responses to “Things To Do Before Patch 2.4 Hits”

  1. Megan says:

    I love you YAWN, you are sometimes like the Wall Street Journal for WoW news.

  2. Galoheart says:

    Got only a few Arcanite bar already transmuted will sell soon, but not much to worry about since i havent transmuted any Arcanite in a while let alone buy raw material.

    Only thing there thats a impact to me is Fel Lotus since i have a ful stack of 20 just sitting on them in the bank as a Herbalist. But then again i use them for Alchemy to make Flask so valuable for me to just keep them. However if i look on AH and prices high that day i sell one or two.

    but then again thinking about it, hell im sitting on 11, 000g why do i even need to make more money anymore. I got tired of making money after i hit 10K and bought my personal alt guildbanker his 4th bank tab with profits.

    Good work on keeping us up to date of making “Mad Money”

  3. Jagoex says:

    Great post, Horns! Although I am a bit disappointed that I have so much left to do!

    Have a great weekend. ;)

  4. Asara Dragoness says:

    Interesting about Arcanite.. I just went through a bunch of stuff to get guildies to make it for my pally to get her epic horse.. I ended up with a few extra, and managed to sell them for almost 20g each. Glad I did now! :)

  5. Monique says:

    What an amazingly informative list. All I knew about the patch was the changes coming to AV, which I am really excited about.

    Thanks for the rest of the information. :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dont forget the new patterns which requires spell and shadowcloth. :)