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Addons: Reslack

##NOLIGHTBOX##I thought we might take a break from all the useful and serious addons, so this time I’ll show you something new.

You know all those confirmation boxes for summons, ready checks and resurrects? Sooner or later it becomes annoying, and here’s a way to bypass it.

Reslack will automatically accept those summons and resurrects so you don’t have to risk carpal tunnel syndrome. Duh!
It will also hide the ready check window so your raid leaders won’t think you’re afk. Sure, it defeats the whole purpose of a ready check but who cares!

Get Reslack now on! If you download and install before your next raid, I can almost guarantee a gkick!

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3 responses to “Addons: Reslack”

  1. Shastarian says:

    I totally thought you were kidding about this addon, but then I followed the link. What the … ? How can anyone think this is a good idea?

  2. Horns says:

    Whaaat, you don’t think the addon is good? ;))

  3. Steve Chester says:

    While being summoned when you’re not quite ready is a pain and wastes everyone’s time, it’s not nearly as bad as when I CR a proper rezzer who died earlier in the fight than I did, and they auto-rez rather than waiting for the wipe to finish.