Druid Form Skins


While the use of these models would be a violation of the Terms of Service (and thus, I wouldn’t recommend it), it is still an amazing showcase of talent and dedication. I have to say that the award for “most improved” goes to his version of Tauren Cat Form, whose newly closed mouth and darker fur make it appear far more majestic than before.

I completely agree with Phaelia, and although I don’t really care about my character looks, I have to admit I’m a bit tired of the same old forms. These new look absolutely adorable and I’m sure many players wouldn’t mind seeing some changes. Screw the Sunwell, give us new models!

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  • Date posted: March 12th, 2008
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3 responses to “Druid Form Skins”

  1. /emofire says:

    Good lord, I agree. The one reason I have so much trouble getting into druids on the horde side is just because of how you go from giant scary stompy cow to slack jawed cat sometimes.

  2. K says:

    I’ve seen the forms over at the forums myself and whomever put the time into that deserves a reward! (or a pat on the back)

    I wish Blizzard WOULD update the skins, even if it’s a druid specific quest for each form or SOMETHING.

    Dire Bear 40-70 and Bear 10-40 should NOT look the same. :P

  3. Ferenczys says:

    Honestly, being able to customize your form skin would be hugely more popular than this ridiculous dance and hairstyle customization interface Blizz is introducing in WotLK.

    Besides Druids though, Warlock pets are also in desperate need for some skin changes. Am I truly to believe that the lowly imp I forced into servitude at level 6 looks no different 64 levels later?