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Vote For Best Looking Warlock Set

Warlock Sets

From Molten Core to Black Temple, since the early days of WoW to Illidan, there’s one thing warlocks had - great looking item sets. Not many people had the privilege to wear them, but it sure felt nice for those who did. Like an old forum post: we all know looking good is half the battle.

Don’t forget to click the images for larger view. Now, on with the show!

Tier 1 - Felheart Raiment

From the depths of Molten Core comes the Felheart set - colorful with sexy horns. Interesting fact: if you managed to get all set pieces you received a total of 666 armor. Demonic indeed.

Tier 2 - Nemesis Raiment

I wish we had these kind of set bonuses today: 5-piece set bonus gave your pet +20 stamina and a whooping amount of 130 spell resistances. Talk about unkillable felhunter. Horns on this one are even more badass!

You and your 39 best mates had to dig through Blackwing Lair and Onyxia’s Lair, and even go back to Molten Core and finish off Ragnaros for the pants.

Tier 3 - Plagueheart Raiment

I have to admit I’ve never been to Naxxramas, and I hope I’ll get to see it before Wrath hits. Supposedly it has one of the best - if not the best designed raid encounters. To be honest, I think it looks a bit clownish, but who cares. It’s T3 baby!

Tier 4 - Voidheart Raiment

The halls of Karazhan hide many secrets, including 2 pieces of Voidheart Raiment. Magtheridon keeps the chest hidden in a secret closet (probably with a couple of gnome slaves), while Gruul’s Lair is the home of legs and shoulders.

Tier 5 - Corruptor RaimentTier 5 Warlock Set

I’m not a fashion whore, but when it comes to T5, in my opinion, it is the best looking set ever. Season 2 items are still sitting in my bank and ain’t going anywhere soon. Unfortunately, every second warlock will be wearing it soon since season 2 items will be purchasable for honor (looks pretty much the same).

Drops from bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep. Rumors say Void Reaver almost shed a tear when he had to drop shoulders. Oh well.

Tier 6 Warlock SetTier 6 - Malefic Raiment

The final set today. Supposedly a couple of bosses in Mount Hyjal don’t want you to get gloves and head. Shoulders and legs can be found in the basement of Black Temple, which ain’t as black as many think. Illidan’s collection of chest pieces is remarkable (stylish guy, eh), and he will be your final obstacle on your way to Sunwell, where the belt, boots and bracers are.

What do you think, which set looks the best? Vote below!

Best looking warlock set

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Next set in the line will be druid, soon followed by other classes (unless I get ripped off, wouldn’t be the first time). If you wish to be notified, subscribe to my RSS feed and get future posts in your favorite reader.

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28 responses to “Vote For Best Looking Warlock Set”

  1. Kat says:

    You cannot beat the T5 skull on the shoulder look. But gosh the T4 demonic swirl looks good. And as a gnome the swirl hits the floor!

  2. Jason says:

    I agree, the shoulders on the T5 are of an amazing design, but overall, as a set, I think T3 is the best. The horns/whatever is on the T5 helm things coming off all the head pieces just need to go away. We are cloaked in shadow, we should not stand out.

  3. Saresa says:

    I am still a fan of the T3, if only because it is so ugly and unusual that it is distinctively ‘warlock’ in feel. My love affair with T5 died when Blizz created the annoying ‘parallel’ arena sets, and EVERYONE had it. Puke. T6 is still a touch too goat-like for me - and I am allowed to not like it, on the basis I will probably never get it! Sour grapes, who me?

  4. Steve says:

    For me T5 is the best looking Warlock set, it has the death feel to it with the skulls on the shoulders and being mainly black it shows how dark the Warlocks are.

    I do however love T1 because of the horns, but unlike T5 it’s just to colourful and doesn’t really express the darkness of a Warlock.

  5. Cynra says:

    I’m with Saresa; Tier 3 has always been my favorite warlock tier set. It’s so uncommon and there’s really no other set that even looks remotely like it. Plus it brings back some fond memories of Naxxramas.

  6. andyguy says:

    I still loves my T1…

  7. azs says:

    but why must u use the human male as model…?

  8. Horns says:

    I thought about it, and it seems the items are more visible on human models. Gnomes are just too small for anything, chest pieces don’t look that good on undeads (not to mention the bones sticking out randomly). Orcs are fine though, but blood elves just suck ;)

    Any other suggestions then? Feel free.
    I guess I’ll use different races/gender next time.

  9. Jagoex says:

    Amazing shoulders ftw! T4 and T5 are my favs, with the latter receiving my vote.

  10. gt says:

    I have this theory they have X hours per armor set to spend making it look awesome and the dude working on tier 5 spent so many hours making the warlock set look so freaking cool that he had to spend minus hours on the Paladin Purple Ballerina set. End result? Tier5 is Emotastic Warlock Awesome.

    Kinda makes you want the PvP gear not to use the PvE skins or be bought with honor.

  11. dorgol says:

    T6 wings are awesome. Everything else is men.
    T5 has amazing shoulders. The set says more “necromancer” than “warlock” to me.
    T4 is pretty lackluster in general. The shoulders are especially dissapointing.
    T3 looks great. But it just doesnt do it for me.
    T2 is fabulous. I really dig the color scheme, but I never really like the shoulders.
    T1 is what I voted for. Nothing says “I’ve gone too far” than Horns growing out of your head.

  12. dorgol says:


    “everything else is meh”

    Spellcheck FTW!

  13. Rubella says:

    It was a toss-up between t2 and t3 for me. There’s just something about them that scream ‘illness’ ‘ sick’ or ‘vomit’ and those things just resonate with the affliction side of this class.

    Blizzard really humped the bad-idea-bat when it didn’t design distinct armor sets for TBC pvp sets.

  14. xxll says:

    i realy love t6..the color is like hells fire:P and the head have realy good design whith the wings that are opening time to time.

  15. Kassamin says:

    I am a pvp/raiding warlock that usually walks around proudly in my Season 3 pvp gear, I have gotten use to my helm that makes me look like a bull. Only leave it on for the Winged effect that everyone talks about, if anything it is a conversation starter. So with that said I would not mind having that malefic set. but still The Tier 5 set says DEATH like no other.

  16. Pricklygoo says:

    Yea in my opinion i think the t5 is the best looking set in the game other then maybe hunter t3 and mage t3. Cryptstalker is just flat out bawlin. Anywho as a lock who rolls in 4 piece t6 and has most of the previous sets, (not t3) i think that the corruptor takes the cake. I never managed to get the robes because i had better at the time, however now i wanna go back and get them to complete the set. Only problem is kael is like the freaking hardest fight pre sunwell lol.

  17. Darkpippin says:

    I loved my T1 set and only got the t2 headpiece. I gotta say I love the t2 headpiece. I cried when I saw blue items after BC with the same model except red eyes instead of green.

    The T3 always looked like an even uglier Tusken raider but I was always in awe when I saw someone in T3 none the less as no one got it.

    When I first saw the T4 and no one believed that it was real I was stoked. Then I looked at the stats. Design is freaking awesome though you will never catch me in it.

    I always liked the t5 but was super dissapointed when it was a pvp also. Destroyed my love for it.

    The T6 has to be my favorite with the wings. I mean nothing says demonic lover like wings popping out. Again Bliz screwed it up when they gave EVERYONE the option of getting them in pvp.

    I read that Bliz will not be making Tier gear and pvp gear alike in WOTLK like they did in BC. Thank god. Let us look different.

  18. hpavc says:

    Dreadmist for life … barring that the naxx gear always was freaky to me.

  19. Horns says:

    Wish I had Dreadmist set bonus on S4 gear… oooooh I’m all wet

  20. Tarey says:

    To be honest, it’s all depend on what race you put those armor set on, in my perspective, I see that T6 on a male bloodelf is the most queer idea ever and a female human on a T2 is absolute beautiful. It seems to me that the design of T5 is the most well design as it suits all races from the “Gay-elves” to the “Gen-omes” and I am glad that bliz is allowing us to buy S2 which is the same looking as T5 with honor, I am definitely getting my S2 before Wrath of the Lich King.
    I just wish/hope blizzard continue make better and better armor sets.

  21. Ollie says:

    I did love the old gear set designs, but looking at the new designs there are improvements, but I have to say that t4’s Shadowy swirl takes me :-)

  22. Dannyboi says:

    They all suck.

  23. Gilga says:

    as a Warlock from day one who have all sets (not nessecerly complete) i would say T2 is the true lock looks. it depicts the Warlocks thinking and style and c’mon the name of the set is AUSOME Nemesis :)

    btw no t2.5 or t0 :<…… why they r cool

  24. Queklain says:

    I am all about the T3. Even the facemask is just plain cool (that’s really what wins me over). I like T5 as much as the next guy but it seems like freakin’ everyone is wearing it these days.

  25. DerBuuhmann says:

    T5 sure rocks! But i think T3 is a liitle bit better^^
    Third place goes to T6 and places 4 and 5 go to T2 and T1 but t4 SUX. T7 looks great again^^

    Warlocksets ownen

  26. Druid Norris says:

    bitches t5 and t6 and t4 FTW! if u dont like them then gtfo…………the rest are ok i like t1

  27. Woizon says:

    how can you say that, “chest pieces don’t look that good on undeads (not to mention the bones sticking out randomly)” undead is the best looking warlock ingame imo :P have you seen the Lock T8 on Undeads? omfg its like a orgasm, seriously

  28. DuroLock says:

    as a t7 warlock *gaaaaawd sexy* Ive made it my mission to go back in time and pick up my old t-sets because, again, *gaaaaaawd sexy*
    T1: I fished through MC to get everything but the helm, but ive got the mag-har quest versions so no one can tlel the difference >v<. Honestly, I love it, and methinks its in the top 3 of lock sets 1-6

    t2: great color scheme, great helm, awefull place to run through to get it. No one wants to do BWL :’<

    t5: death incarnate. Again, the helm is a little weird *but still cool* but the shoulders have to be among the best in game. I feel bad for you classes with boring sets

    T6: t6 freaks me out honestly. the robes are cool, and the wings are impressive, but it looks kinda…bad on a blood elf. And come on, illidin? archimonde? freaking t6 content

    all in all, our sets RAWK.