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Are Moonkins the New Mages?


Having decent moonkin gear myself (half restoration though, but still decent; if you really must know, 1050ish spell damage), I know we can pump out serious damage (6k+ Starfire crits in Karazhan is serious business). High threat is also an issue now, but Nature’s Reach will also reduce threat caused by balance spells by 30%. Paired with Subtlety talent in resto tree, that’s a 60% decrease in threat - 60% because the talents will be reduced to 3 points, and reduce threat by 10% for each point. It sounded too good to be true - Subtlety will be changed to only decrease threat caused by healing spells, not balance.

It’s pretty much impossible for me to get into heroics today as a moonkin. First of all, there’s people who know shit about the class and think we’re some undergeared shadowpriests, without the Vampiric Embrace/Touch. It’s not even so far from the truth - most moonkins I see are just playing it for fun with some quest greens & blues - thank heavens for the armory so we can see that before we get to the instance.

My guess is, in Wrath it’s gonna change.

Crowd Control

According to the leaked Wrath patch notes, one of the things druids will be getting - and it’s about damn time - is a change to Entangling Roots spell, which will finally be castable indoors. We rarely get to use the spell nowadays outside of arenas - maybe you used it a couple of times in Zul’Farrak or Zul’Aman but that’s about it.

Another great spell is Hibernate, a 40 second sleep, which I use in Slave Pens and … nowhere else (forget PvP for awhile ok). Although it’s limited to only beast and dragonkin, it’s still there, and with the new roots it will be easy to keep two mobs controlled.

The dreaded Cyclone, a subject of many discussions when it comes to PvP, will have its diminishing returns removed, and will be spammable in PvE. Although it’s a 6 second duration, in tight situations we can easily cast it and control 3 mobs at a time.

While this is not a CC type spell, Soothe Animal can actually be useful sometimes - rarely, but still deserves a place on your action bars; will be changed to instant cast in the expansion.

Group Buffs

We all know casters love our Moonkin Aura, a 5% bonus to spell crit chance is nothing to laugh at. Improved Moonkin Form will also give a chance for you and your party members to gain 20% spell haste, so that’s another great reason to stay furry bird form.

Mark of the Wild is hardly the best buff around, but better than nothing. Casting Thorns is a waste of mana on anyone other than the tank - some druids are even crazy enough to spec into Brambles - those precious three talent points can be used much better, but to each its own I guess.

Improved Faerie Fire will in addition to its current effect also increase spell hit chance, that’s another 3 points you can use to help out your fellow players who aren’t hit capped.

Innervate… should I say more?


Moonkins are more than capable of healing in tight situations - with a decently geared tank you could probably even be a main healer in a heroic.

Tranquility is an amazing AoE heal - you will be able to reduce its cooldown to 5 minutes in WotLK if you pick up Improved. Even without restoration talents, it’s ticks for over nine thous… err two thousand.


The one and only, Rebirth. Saved me from running back to my corpse a bunch of times. Currently the onlyRevive - the new resurrect spell for druids resurrect castable in combat, its 20 minute cooldown is not a lot.

Revive is the new out-of-combat resurrect for druids - we have waited long time for this baby, now just a little bit more. In my experience, this is one of the main reasons other healers are preferred for 5 man instances.


Currently, we only have Hurricane - it doesn’t do much other than help the mage or warlock while they do their thing.

Typhoon is the new spell on the block - it will do an unknown amount of damage (520 damage keeps popping up but don’t take my word for it) when it comes in contact with your enemies, and knock them back 5 yards. The details about the spell like mana cost, duration etc. are not available at this time, but sounds pretty slick.

I’m positive I heard something about Starfall, but can’t seem to find anything about it right now. Basically, it’s like Tranquility but doing damage and possibly has a chance to stun enemies. But why the hell can’t I find it now. The spell linked is from some mob in The Eye.


A 400% armor bonus in Moonkin Form is nothing to laugh at, we’re more than capable of surviving some unexpected damage. If you pop Barkskin, you’re pretty much a walking tank for 12 seconds - more than enough to finish off the mob or your tank to pick up aggro.


Maybe you’re a special snowflake like me and sometimes pick up Feral Charge in feral tree - if you’re not that’s ok, means you’re normal. Maim is limited to feral druids, so don’t expect a moonkin to go cat form and use it. That leaves us with Bash, a 4 second stun (non-talented) with a one minute cooldown. Usually the mob will already finish his casting by the time you shift into bear form, get to the creature and use the spell. Rumors say Feral Charge will be moved lower in the feral tree so it will require 21 points. A Counterspell-like talent deep in balance tree would be freakin awesome - however I haven’t heard anything about something like that - we can only dream. If you’re a tauren like myself, you got War Stomp though, but again, if you’re 30 yards away it won’t do you much good.


Durids are for fite! With all the amazing changes to our talent trees and spells, we’re going to be kings of heroics and even raids. More than enough ways to crowd control creatures, great damage with low threat and group buffs will be our ticket in. Throw in the mix an extra emergency healer plus weak (but not that weak) AoE damage and you’re more wanted than a tank. Moonkins will be a true hybrid class.

All we’re missing now is some biscuits!

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9 responses to “Are Moonkins the New Mages?”

  1. Phaelia says:

    Were I specced for Balance primarily, I might not pick up Brambles as — you’re right — there are better places to allocate those three talent points that would better lend themselves to the DPS role.

    However, the point of the post you link above is that for a Restoration Druid, picking up Brambles augments your tank’s threat generation and, therefore, helps you do your job better. In fact, the overall threat generated increases as the number of mobs does (while healing threat generated decreases).

    I’m very excited for the expansion which will make Thorns and Brambles even better, with much higher damage values and a chance to daze that will increase your tank’s threat even more.

  2. Horns says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, that’s just my way of making you come here and comment ;)

    What I like about resto druids, unlike other classes we can actually pick up ALL the good healing talents, and still have a few points to spare for talents like brambles.

  3. Phaelia says:

    You so got me. Calling a woman crazy is a surefire way to get a reaction. LOL ^_^

  4. Horns says:

    The perfect bait; gotta do it more often, especially with this crazy bunch

  5. Greenhair says:

    Horns I agree with you.

    BTW great site. Its especially cool cause its not blocked by the government restrictions, WOOT, i can get a WoW fix at work now!!! So ima little late seeing patients, they probably showed up late anyways!

    Ok that said, onto moonkin, which I will focus on PvP, since that is what i usually do. Feel free to check out my armory (hes in all vengeful resto gear ATM with some new stuff). Im on the shandris server. PvP moonkin is great. I can solo a rogue on my moonkin in the arena, usually, if they arent in S3 weapons with a rating over 2k. Even if they are I can last a LONNNNG time with them. The armor bonus is really amazing, plus you can cast barkskin every minute.. very nice. Sometimes if i go moonkin I run with a trinket (cant member the name) that adds like 1k armor every 2 min for 20 seconds, that helps in a bind too. Moonfire + trees + entangle is nice. Plus no knockback with cyclone is sweet too. I bust out of moonkin often as soon as cyclone hits and rejuv, lifbloom, swiftmend, rejuv ( me or my bud depending on), back to boomkin. Trees actually do decent damage, and i hug the pillars like a hippy high on life in the amazon rainforest, surrounded by a construction company. And surprisingly it works. just keep a fresh moon fire on everyone and hope your partner beats out their partner.

    You actually shine pretty well in 3s and 5s too, especially when the first person on your team to die is the healer, and the first on their team is the healer as you can heal pretty darn well, as long as you spam cyclone on the inevitable rogue. entangling roots + cyclone vs a warrior team… control heaven baby. couple that with pillar humping… your the man. mana problems.. you have inervate. mana drains on you… bear, feral charge, bash, lacerate, maul… moonkin again baby.

    Moonkin is vastly underrated and underutilized. Moonkin with pyroblast instant cast mage…nice damage. Moonkin with resto or elemental shaman… very sick.

    Im trying my lock right now though…. havent done any new arenas yet, just farming gear, but im all purple so…. will prolly try in a couple of weeks. You can check her out on the armory. Outburst on Kul Tiras.

    Anyways keep up the good work.

  6. Graylo says:

    Moonkin don’t get any extra threat help in the alpha. Nature’s reach does reduce threat by 30% but Subtlety is now restricted to just resto spells. So we are stuck with 30% still.

    Good post though.

  7. Horns says:


    Thanks for the compliments.
    I’m guessing you’re using Adamantine Figurine - it gives you about 2% damage mitigation, I’m guessing there are far better trinkets out there - Quagmirran’s being one of them, which shows in your armory profile atm - I think that’s the right link.

    I did play dreamstate build for awhile in 3v3, but we were kind of stuck at 1900 rating so I decided it would be easier to just go resto; it does take a lot of practice to know when to heal and when to dps, but one things for sure - I can deal with rogues and warriors soooo much easier. You don’t have to switch bear for armor bonus, and since Cyclone & Roots are castable in Moonkin Form, there’s a lot less shifting involved. Not having Swiftmend though is a major drawback and I can’t seem to get used to it. One thing you should always keep in mind is having Abolish Poison up when fighting rogues - it’s unfortunately not usable in doomkin, but as soon as you get a chance to switch to caster, you should pop it - that’s why CC is there.

    What are you waiting for with your warlock? Gear is pretty decent, even if you’re not particularly skilled you should be able to get 1700 easily. Get that gear enchanted, and replace those vendored green gems and go get owned by rogues.


    Actually I think I read that, but it didn’t struck me till you mentioned. I’ll edit the post, thanks for giving me extra work bastard!

    Just kidding.

    About the thanks part.

  8. Galoheart says:

    I can say for sure a good Moonkin can find a spot on any my Heroic runs when I’m Tanking. They make run go allot faster.

  9. Jandrae says:

    If you spec in to Force of Nature for the treants, Brambles may not be a bad idea in WOTLK since it will increase the damage done by them and will also give your treants and Thorns spell a chance to daze on hit.

    Blood Pact, Paladin aura & Shaman totems will now effect the entire raid but no word yet on LOTP and Moonkin Aura. If thats the case it should be easier for us to find raiding guilds (what raid wouldn’t want every caster and healer to have +5% crit?) but will most likely limit any 25-man group to 1 Moonkin.