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Druid Form Skins Incoming

You may not care if you’re not a druid, but watching the same old forms for years without any improvements is quite dull. We have some great looking item sets, yet we all look exactly the same while shapeshifted. I realize it would be nearly impossible to make items show in forms - that’s a lot of work which can be spent on things that really matter (nerfing rogues for example).

I wrote about it before, and so did Phaelia, and it looks the changes to our skins might see daylight in Wrath - but then again, perhaps not. Koraa popped up on the forums today to tell us the opposite of what we’ve heard on WWI druid panel.

We’re not actually getting a Dire Cat Form, which I’m sure many druids were looking forward to. Instead, Koraa states Kalgan was actually talking about the new skins to existing forms.

I think what Kalgan meant was that we intend to do different texture variances for Druid forms, including Cat form. Which is true, though not sure how soon we’re going to get that. They may come from a repeatable quest, or through inscription.

Honestly, that doesn’t sound too reassuring. I get the feeling our forms are somewhere at the bottom of their to-do list, and will remain there for some time. It’s understandable - cosmetic changes are probably the least of their worries right now. How are we supposed to get the skins from repeatable quests is beyond my comprehension, but whatever they come up with is fine - as long as they close the mouth on cat from. I’m drooling all over Shattrath!

Keep your fingers crossed.

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