l2pvp: Resilience

Who needs DPS

This is the first post in a series of guides about PvP, which will hopefully help some of you newbies get into this wonderful aspect of our favorite game and tell you why you suck.

Even if you’re decked in T6 epics, you will have a hard time surviving even the slightest hits from other players. Resilience changed the face of WoW PvP completely, to the point where certain classes (healers) are unkillable in 1v1 fights.

In case you don’t already know, resilience will reduce the chance for a critical hit to land on you, and also reduce the damage of critical strikes and DoTs. For mana users, it also reduces the amount of mana drained by Drain Mana, Mana Burn or Viper Sting.

In numbers: 394 resilience will decrease the chance to receive a critical strike by 10%, decrease the damage of critical strikes and mana drains by 20% and the DoT damage by 10%, meaning you will survive much longer, especially versus classes with high crit ratings like warriors, rogues or mages. For a better overview, check the table below:

Resilience table

Resilience is capped at 492,8 - after you reach that much you will only be decreasing critical chance and damage over time - the amount of mana drained and crit damage will remain capped at 25%.

How much resilience do you need

It really depends on your class and choice of talents.

Warrior: anything between 350 and 400 is good. You should never enchant or socket for resilience, only critical, attack power, strength.

Hunter: 350 - 400+. Depends if you’re wearing good PvE gear.

Mage: anything over 400 is fine.

Shaman: 450ish for elemental and restoration; enhancement can have a bit less due to PvE gear.

Paladin: 350 or more.

Warlock: 450 or more

Priest: 450+ for both shadow and discipline

Druid: resto - 400-450; dreamstate or balance can have a bit less due to moonkin armor bonus, but still around 400. Feral druids can have rather low resilience (even 250ish) with PvE gear, otherwise aim for 400.

Rogue: unless you have warglaives and 4xT6, aim for 400.

Some classes, even without high resilience have enough survivability, and often it is better to use gear from raids for extra dps; but do note, just because some players are wearing PvE gear in arenas, does not mean you can do the same with your Karazhan gear.

Talents like Survival of the Fittest or Demonic Resilience can further increase your survivability, and do not count towards resilience cap. Shadow priests have Shadow resilience, rogues Sleight of Hand, and I can’t think of anything else. Additionally, most classes have talents which reduce their damage taken or armor bonuses, which is always good to have.


Glyph of the Gladiator - available from SSO quartermaster at revered. Adds 20 resilience to your head piece.

Enchant Chest - Major Resilience - depending on your class it might be better to put Exceptional Stats.

Enchant Shield - Resilience - although shields are not available to all classes, for those who can wear them this is pretty good.


Steady Talasite - extremely cheap, 10-20 gold, matches a blue and yellow socket and has 2 important stats which you need for starting gear. Steady Seaspray Emerald is the epic version, and will cost significantly more (150-250 gold) - make sure you won’t replace the item soon or it’s not worth it.

Mystic Dawnstone will cost a bit more than Talasite, matches a yellow socket only. Mystic Lionseye is the epic equivalent. You can also get Sublime Mystic Dawnstone, but getting 100 Halaa Battle Tokens is much harder than getting 300ish gold.


You can never have enough survivability. With proper choice of talents, gear, enchants and gems you can be a killing machine and still able to dish out serious damage. Take some time, go through the numbers and decide what is the best choice for your class according to your gear. If you’re in doubt, you can always check other players on the Armory and see their solutions. But no matter what gear is available to you, always keep in mind you can’t DPS if you’re dead.

For further reading and a bunch of formulas I hardly understand, I recommend visiting Wowwiki.

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6 responses to “l2pvp: Resilience”

  1. Greenhair says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Even with resilience you will still get critted. In fact if you are like me you will get critted so much you may decide to try it without any resiliance gear for more stats and healing/dmg/attack power. what you will find is that you get absolutely murdered. It maybe bad even with resilience, but its undoable without it for all classes, except maybe rogues. though with the “fix” to cheat death, we will see how that acutally works out, and if they will really need to start wearing more pvp gear.

    Clothies without resilience… just a mark. Thats not to say you cant win matches without it, but, if you face well geared teams, no matter how good your CC is, when they finally hit you, you’ll see your health bar drop fast; fast as in 3-4 shotted fast; fast as in no healer in the game could keep you alive fast.

    this is good in that it forces hardcore PVE players to get PvP gear to be viable. this is bad because it forces hardcore PvE player to grind ALOT of honor and arena matches to be viable…

    70 druid shandris (I just got the challenger title, woot for me…. i still get beat down in the arena! LOL)

  2. Polly says:

    “unless you have warglaives and 4xT6, aim for 400.”

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.

    But seriously, that’s how OP rogues are qq.

  3. Polly says:

    ~_~ I suck. I was quoting the rogue thing. <_<

  4. Tarey says:

    I play a lock but in my honest opinion I believe locks are only best in PvE raiding, it’s not that they can’t PvP, but I was in a BG last week and there was 19 Rogues in it. Sap-chain… =.=

  5. Tarey says:

    Doesn’t matter how much resi you can’t escape…it is painful now a days doing PvP that almost everyone favor in playing a rogue rather than something that is not the same as everybody.

  6. Polly says:

    This is true. Even a well geared full rogue team can destroy other arena teams if they time everything right and perfectly. I’m not sure if the class is hard to play but surely hard to master. It’s no wonder why there is a “high” demand for “good rogues” rather than those who spam shiv. :p