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l2pvp: The Trinket

This is the third post in a series of guides about PvP, which will hopefully help some of you newbies step outside your PvE bubble and learn how the big boys play this game.

It’s the trinket. The mother of all trinkets, the one trinket to rule them all. There’s no talk about PvP without mentioning it, it became necessary and crucial to have since the day it existed.

It’s the one item all players have in common, regardless of classes or specs. Being able to break crowd controls, even if only once every 2 minutes can change the outcome of your battle, duel or arena.

There’s currently three different PvP trinkets available:

As you can see from the tooltip, this one only has the Use effect without additional stats. It costs 2,805 honor points and can be bought from Master Sergeant Biggins in Champion’s Hall if you’re alliance, or Brave Stonehide in Hall of Legends if you’re horde.

There are nine different versions, one for each class. They used to remove specific effects depending on your class, which was changed way back in patch 2.1.2 to remove all effects which cause loss of control of your character. Why Blizz didn’t just merge it into one trinket remains a mystery.

This one is much better. If you know a thing or two about resilience, you should know it will reduce the chance to receive a critical hit by 0,5%, and the damage of critical hits by 1% roughly. Additionally, the cooldown on this one is only two minutes. It costs 8,000 honor, and can be bought from the same vendors mentioned above, in either Hall of Legends or Champion’s Hall.

Epic medallion

They really should put a different name for this item, there’s way too much confusion. This one was introduced in patch 2.4.2, and costs 40,000 honor. It has 25 more resilience than the rare version, and for any serious PvP player it’s another must have.

Note: all trinkets share the same cooldown!

Which one to get

Insignia is obviously a waste of honor points. With a 5 minute cooldown you will always ask yourself whether to use it or save for another time - I know, I used to have it back in the days when Medallion was about 23,000 honor.

Get one of the Medallions, either rare or epic. There’s no doubt the epic one is better, 25 resilience is a decent upgrade for any class. But ask yourself, is 25 resilience worth 32,000 honor. You can easily get two pieces of S2 gear for that, which is undoubtedly a bigger upgrade unless you already have better. It also depends on how dedicated you are to PvPing - if you’re serious about it and want each and every item to be the best possible you can have, then shoot for the epic one. My recommendation: get the rare one and focus on other items.

What effects does it remove

Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character.

They really mean it. Basically, it removes all stun, fear, charm, polymorph, slowing and immobilizing effects.

Will remove: polymorph, crippling poison, entangling roots, frost nova, blind, sap, wing clip, consussive shot, freezing trap (but not frost trap!), fear, death coil, intimidating shout, cyclone, hibernate, judgement of justice, repentance, hamstring, banish, dragon’s breath, scatter shot, seduce, intercept, mind control, stuns (including mace stuns)… Can’t think of anything else.

Will not remove: spell interrupts like Earth Shock, or silencing effects like Spell Lock or Silence.

Note: it will not in any way make you immune to any of those effects!

Using the trinket

That’s the tricky part. Nobody can tell you when to use it, it depends on the situation, class or classes you’re fighting against and many, many other factors. After awhile, you just know it - it’s a split second judgment call based purely on your experience and situation.

I can try to give you a few hints when it’s most useful, but again, in certain situations it may also be completely useless to blow the cooldown.

When to use it:

The following is more or less for 1vs1 situations:

  • Fear, when you expect to be feared again especially. Simple logic would say it’s best to trinket immediately, since the second fear will last half as long due to diminishing returns.
  • Frost Nova: if you’re dealing with a frost mage, you can expect about 4,000 or more damage in the next few seconds unless you dispel it (the famous shatter combo).
  • Kidney Shot: rogue’s 6 second stun. As say, a warlock, there’s no point saving you trinket cooldown for anything else (like Blind) - you can keep the rogue in combat with your pet so he won’t be able to bandage or restealth. Those 6 seconds could very well mean the end of you.

When not to use it:

  • Sap - there’s really no reason to trinket sap
  • Polymorph - usually no point dispelling it; might sometimes be good for warriors though
  • Charge - even if you escape, you’ll get Intercept immediately
  • Hamstring/Crippling poison - unless you’re sure you can get away (or catch someone). You could use it say after a warrior’s intercept, slow him down or CC in some way and escape his melee range. There’s a reason why they call it Spamstring, so be careful now to blow your cooldown for nothing.
  • Death Coil - with DC, warlocks are only giving themselves some breathing room to be able to cast Fear (unless it’s one of those douchebag locks who use it as on opener like Cheap Shot - but still don’t trinket it).
  • Cheap Shot - I had high hopes for the PvP Matrix when I wrote about it, but some of the stuff people write there is complete garbage. Most likely, the rogue already has 4 combo points on you as soon as he Cheap Shotted via Premeditation - with only one Hemo you’ll get a full duration KS, or Blind > Restealth, or Vanish and he’ll start over again… In 99% cases, it’s a mistake.

In arenas, it’s completely different, depending on your setup and your opponents setup, match length & blown cooldowns etc.

It’s impossible to go through every single class setup and abilities, and even then I’d be wrong in half cases. I will however list an example which will probably not help you at all.

2v2, lets say you’re a paladin with a warrior vs. rogue & priest (bad choice but bear with me). Priest fears you and you use your trinket. In 24 seconds, he can do it again. Sure, you think it’s no big deal, you’ll keep your team mate topped with health and everything will be alright, he can survive till you’re feared again. But after his fear, rogue Blinds you, then Vanishes and Saps you since you’re out of combat. That’s almost 30 seconds of CC, in which your warrior buddy is probably dead. Sure, there are counters to this like Intervene, Blessing of Protection or Sacrifice, even Divine Shield. Or rogue has Rend (god no) or Deep Wounds and can’t Vanish… Perhaps you’re godlike at pillar humping and priest can’t even touch you. As I said, there’s too many variables to predict a situation in which to use your beloved trinket. It’s even worse in 3v3 versus RMP (rogue/mage/priest) for example - there’s even more CC there (five if I’m not mistaken - Mind Control, Sap, Blind, Polymorph, Fear), which if properly executed can turn into a quick death of one of your mates.

Again, it’s a judgment call which can only be based on your personal experience and the situation you are in.

A few general tips:

  • If you have a dispeller in your team, yell at him and do whatever else is necessary to get Fear, Polymorph, Roots and other spells removed. Save your trinket for another day.
  • Use racial abilities like WotF or Escape Artist before Medallion
  • Common sense would tell you it’s best to use it as soon as possible in arenas. Since matches are usually longer than 2 minutes, you can use it twice (even more), but that’s not always the case. Sometimes I play 5 minute matches and don’t blow my trinket even once - you’re waiting for that perfect CC from the opposing team but they simply can’t execute it.
  • It goes the other way too. If you’re about to finish someone off, it’s worth using it even on ‘minor’ things like mace stuns.
    It’s not uncommon for warriors to resist my Cyclone 2 times in a row, despite having enough spell hit. A lucky mace stun on me, and a dispel (with trinket) of my next CC is usually the part when I die. Yet in many matches warriors save their trinket for another time. Pay attention, watch enemy cooldowns, and make the right choice.
  • Don’t trinket Sap (start of the match) unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t get caught Hibernated or Banished in Ghost Wolf/Tree of Life etc. - it’s a dumb way to blow your most important cooldown

I hope all of this gives you a bit of insight on how powerful this item is. If you’re more into PvE, you should know it’s required for some encounters like Rage Winterchill and Archimonde in Hyjal, and also useful if you’re a druid/paladin tank on Nightbane. Not having it is a sin, even for those of you who don’t step into battlegrounds that often.

If there’s anything you want to add or give some advices to folks reading this, feel free to leave a comment. I’m sure the comment processing badgers behind the scenes will send you a thank you card.

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10 responses to “l2pvp: The Trinket”

  1. Phaelia says:

    This was a great and very thorough analysis of the best way to use a PvP trinket. It’s one of the best PvP-related guides I’ve seen lately. Great job!

  2. Horns says:

    Thanks you, feedback is always much appreciated (good or bad) :)

  3. Polly says:

    Gaaah! It deleted my comment. ~_~

    Anyways, this is a very informative guide though I disagree with some of your claims. Overall, your tips on when to pop the trinket are just about right though there is no “when you really should and when you really shouldn’t pop your trinket” thing. Imo, skip the dumb 5min trinket and get the 2min one. Raiders and Pvpers will want that at least.

  4. Jagoex says:

    Great cover, Horns. Many people don’t think about the combo-point issue when they trinket out of Rogue CC. The Rogue WANTS you to use your trinket at that point, even, and doing so is complete fail.

    Well done, and props on the WoWI love too. ;)

  5. Breck says:

    In 1v1 situations, you definitely want to trinket out of sheep against AP+PoM+Pyro Mages. If you don’t, you’re about to take two 30% increased damage Pyroblasts to the face, and it’s very likely at least one of them will crit. Game over.

    Sure, the Mage can just re-sheep you. But it’ll only last 5 seconds the 2nd time, and Pyroblast takes 6 seconds to cast.

  6. neroobian says:

    Ok, I have a noob question. So you get nova’d by a frost mage, and you trinket out- how do you stop that 4,000 damage from coming, say, as a druid? Are you assuming that we have some stun mechanic? I am always curious about this, as I get feared or stunned, trinket, and then get blasted anyways.

  7. Horns says:

    Actually as a druid, you never trinket things like Frost Nova - shapeshifting removes it. Travel Form is like 230 mana and you can spam it all you want.

    Mages have certain talents which enable them to do much higher damage while you’re affected by FN. Frostbolt has about 75% crit chance when you’re freezed (plus Winter’s Chill), so that’s about 3,000 damage (depends on resilience etc. but I think I’m more or less right). Right after the Frostbolt, you can expect Ice Lance for another 1,000 - 1,200 damage - at that point, FN usually breaks but if not, you’ll get spammed with more IL.

    That is what we refer to as the shatter combo.
    I hope it clarifies a few things.

  8. neroobian says:

    yea, that makes a lot more sense, thank you.

  9. Skwiz says:

    Doesn’t the rare version of the Medallion cost 16K gold?

  10. Horns says:

    Nah, was changed a few months ago when the epic one was introduced (wowhead still shows old prices though).