Yet Another Warlock Nerf

I expect the battle for Shaft Control would be the focal point of this arena

Spellstone and Firestone to Get Some (Much Needed) Love?

Recently, Wowhead added two new types of firestone and spellstone as per beta files:

Grand Firestone Grand Spellstone!

What this means for Warlocks:

First and foremost, the devs are looking at our currently useless spells (took them long enough). I seriously wonder how useless talents/spells sit on the back burner for many classes. Does Blizzard not want a well-polished game? Thankfully, these changes would allow Warlocks to obtain a little more utility and thus bring them a little closer to the class’ original intention (leather armor too?). Also, it’s a tell-tale sign that Koraa’s not bluffing.

What this means in numerical terms:

  • At least a 1% DPS increase for both affliction and destruction.
  • The firestone grants an addition 2.2% chance to crit.
  • The spellstone grants a 3.8% increased casting speed.

Other Thoughts:

Do these stack with weapon oils? If not, I could see them being near-useless again, as I have yet to see the higher levels of the oils. If Blizzard really want us these to be useful, they will allow these buffs to stack with oils; I don’t see a reason why they should not. Moreover, if Blizzard is feeling really good, they will allow us to apply these to other players’ weapons. This would be an incentive to bring warlocks to raids (or a least have them wait outside by the summoning stone to apply the buffs).

What would these changes mean for the Master Conjuror talent? For two talent points, a 30% increase in the effectiveness of these items would be nice and possibly push them beyond the usefulness of weapon oils. Methinks that constitutes a “good investment.” After all, if they do not stack with oils, you can save some gold/time/effort in acquiring them.

Overall, these changes would be major improvements for two of our many seldomly-used skills. The only loss we would suffer for this buff would be the loss of the current spellstone’s dispel mechanic. This dispel has proven to be very useful in PvP for some; I know it has saved me many times.

Nevertheless, I’m glad to see that some attention is being payed to the outcrys of the Warlock community. Unfortunately, however, we don’t know if these will be implemented in beta and if they will even make it live.

What are your thoughts on these possible fixes? Do you think these changes for better or for worse? Is the loss of the spellstone’s dispel justification for these changes?

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7 responses to “Spellstone and Firestone to Get Some (Much Needed) Love?”

  1. Horns says:

    Those new “stones” are much better than any wand you can get.
    Spellstone’s dispel will certainly be missed in PvP, but not too much - I rarely used it after S2 when hordes or melee started smashing at us.
    I wouldn’t mind another “stone” - absorbs 2,000 physical damage or something like that :)

  2. Bristine says:

    Both of those stone are an interesting and welcome change, they are now made useful, but, I wonder why they are in the demonology tree, and yet, worst for demonologists…

    I’d like to see three stones, fire, for nukes, spell, for dots (without haste rating, because that is stupid), and another for 1% more demon crit, with a small amount of flat spell damage.

    The Firestone is a negligible amount of additional up-time on Demonic Pact, and offers very little for the warlock’s overall dps, whereas for a destruction warlock it could equal more than 1-1.5% increase in damage done, the demonologist gains less than 1%

  3. Romil says:

    Ah, nice to see these stones actually have some use in PvE. Could come in handy for raiding. Extra crit and haste is a good thing.

  4. Rubella says:


    Haste is a fantastic stat, especially when you have accumulated enough to lower the GCD to 1 second. For afflitionators ™, this is nothing short of amazing in allowing the 4 key spells (UA, SL, Corruption and curse of choice) to go up in 4 seconds versus an unhasted 6 seconds. Add bane into the mix and you’ll be filling that space with an extra shadowbolt (3 sec., reduced to 2.5 from bane, reduced to 2 sec. with the haste).

    This change in the spellstone gets a caster almost 8% to that magic moment (haste of 785 needed to lower GCD to one second, see

    Don’t forget that haste affects channeled spells as well, and goes well with the new eradication talent in the affliction tree.

    Good point regarding Master Conjurer’s placement in the demo tree. I can’t imagine any build where I would have the talents to spend to get it, except maybe a new version of SL/SL.

  5. Saresa says:

    Ooooh, exciting news! If these stack with oils, we would truly be gods! Well… not that we aren’t already ;)

  6. Rockeroad says:

    THank god, new stones. I always used these at low levels when wands sucked balls and it was hard to find unless they were from enchanting. But if these stack with oils we will be GODS once again(as if were not now). Be even cooler if we could trade these with people and make a kind of “stonewell” out of them =D

  7. unyuzyall says:

    Nope, they don’t stack with oils.