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Tailoring in WotLK

If you’re like me, you’ve had every profession this game has to offer at one point or another. Personally, my main has had more professions than I can even remember. I started out a Miner/Engineer, then changed to Mining/Enchanting. Then I tried Alchemy and Herbalism, then back to Mining again. I definitely hopped around. I settled on Tailoring and Enchanting as my main got to 70, for the reason that I could enchant my own items and craft one of the epic BoP sets for my Warlock.

But as any tailor knows once you outgrow that BoP set, and you will do that fast if you get into raiding, there really isn’t much use for Tailoring. Sure you can craft your own bags, and if you are able to obtain epic patterns, you can make some extra cash. But for the most part tailoring becomes very useless after you start going into T5 raids.  Many tailors have cried out for a boost to the profession in WotLK, and it looks like Blizzard has listened.

In the latest build of WotLK, several new patters have appeared for tailors that could make the profession a little more useful. Blizzard has introduced the Magnificent Flying Carpet. An epic flying mount available to tailors to craft once they reach 450 skill. It requires epic flight training for use, so you’re still going to have to grind out that 5k gold. While this won’t make tailors rich by any means, it will give them second thoughts on dropping the profession.

Several new Spellthread recipes have also been discovered. Shining Spellthread increases spell power by 35 and spirit by 12. Brilliant Spellthread which increases spell power by 50 and spirit by 20. Azure Spellthread increases spell power by 35 and stamina by 20. And finally Sapphire Spellthread which increases spell power by 50 and stamina by 30. These are WotLK upgrades to the current spellthread recipes Silver Spellthread, Mystic Spellthread, Golden Spellthread and Runic Spellthread. Hopefully, these new spellthread recipes will give tailors a much needed boost in making the profession profitable, provided the mats for these recipes arn’t all that rare.

Three more patterns have been discovered in the beta which allow a tailor to embroider an ability on a cloak. The downside to this is these abilities are only available to be applied to your own cloak, and make your cloak soulbound once applied. No word yet on whether this is stack-able with current cloak enchants, but my guess would be no. Also no word on if this is something only tailors can apply, or we’ll be able to sell these embroiders at the Auction house.

These embroiders come in 3 different flavors. One for melee players, one for casters, and one for holy players. The caster embroider is called Darkglow Embroidery, which allows a tailor to add the chance to restore 300 mana when casting a spell. Very useful for casters, but it could be buffed a little, returning 300 mana isn’t all that much. Lightweave Embroidery is for players that cast holy damage spells. It gives the chance to do an additional 800-1000 holy damage on a target when you damage them with a spell. This could end up being Very beneficial for paladins and priests if the procrate is decent enough. Swordguard Embroidery adds the chance for a melee attack to ignore 1000 of your targets armor. Most melee classes don’t have much of a reason to take up tailoring, as they don’t generally wear cloth items. So I’m not sure how this will ever be used by a melee class if it does indeed require being a tailor to apply.

These are the only tailoring receipes to be found so far in WotLK. The flying carpet is a nice buff to the profession, but more buffs are needed in my opinion to make this profession profitable. Hopefully Blizzard is listening.

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21 responses to “Tailoring in WotLK”

  1. Valthan says:

    I hate when tailors say their profession is useless after T5. Remind me again what Leatherworking has before after (hell even before) T5? Drums… thats about it. We don’t even get an Epic BOP set to carry us well into T5 content. We just get screwed. At least Blacksmithing has the epic weapons, LW gets nothing at all.

    We get leg enchants for tanks and melee, while tailor get spell thread for the caster. Those cancel out. We have drums, you have nets, those cancel out. You have the FSW and PMC BOP sets that last well into T5 content, LW, nope… nothing.

    If a professions needs a buff to make it more viable past giving you items to wear while leveling, its Leatherworking. And what hasn’t blizzard released any information for yet… yep… Leatherworking… makes me a sad panda.

  2. The embroidery looks nice simply because the options in the cloak slots are rather limited for casters. There’s a threat enchant (irrelevant if you’re a solo or PVP player), a penetration enchant (highly situational), or a variety of defensive enchants (armor/resist). Also note that the Lightweave tooltip doesn’t specify that the spell has to be a holy spell, so we could be talking a general damage proc like the SSO neck.

    I was a bit surprised to see the new spellthreads being so close in damage potential to the current Primal Nether versions. There may be good money in running level 70 heroics for quick badges and nethers to use in crafting these and LW item enchants, if the level 80 versions are hard to get.

    As for profitability? Well, honestly most professions struggle with that. Blizzard would apparently rather have a system that everyone uses (and thus spends time on) than a system that confers great wealth on the few who make it to the top. It does look like everyone is getting their own little piece of the item enhancement market (Blacksmiths get to add a socket to geat), which is bigger than the market for crafted gear, but the supply is probably always going to exceed demand.

  3. Romil says:

    I don’t doubt that Leatherworking is useless. All crafting professions in my opinion need major rework.

  4. Romil says:

    I’ll be interested to see if tailors get a similar mechanic as Blacksmiths are getting with the adding a socket ability. The embroiders are only useful it appears to tailors themselves, so their usefulness is limited.

  5. Horns says:

    I don’t like those embroiders… They sure look interesting, but more RNG is never good.

    Flying carpets look awesome lol, I especially like the part in the description where it says it’s a “very fast rug”

  6. Romil says:

    Cause we know how many slow rugs there are in the game.

  7. zupa says:

    By the wording on those embroidery patters, it looks as though the lightweave one is the one to choose for any dps caster, over the restore 300 mana one.

    It doesn’t say you have to do damage with a HOLY spell, just any spell. It will then proc holy damage, but that doesn’t mean my mage can’t cast a frostbolt, and proc a bonus 800+ holy damage.

    I can only say this by the way the tooltips are worded, can anyone confirm?

  8. Romil says:

    I can’t confirm that, but I assumed with a proc of Holy damage that you had to deliver a holy spell to get the proc. But I could be wrong. Blizzard has done weirder things.

  9. zupa says:

    Embroiders a subtle pattern of light into your cloak, giving you a chance to cause an additional 800 to 1000 Holy damage when you damage an enemy with a spell.

    “damage enemy with a spell”

    sounds good to me!

    PS: I’m enjoying your site and adding you to my blogroll, like it or not :P

  10. FoxRings says:

    Lightweave Embroidery will not be priest / pally specific.

    The reason why holy dmg was picked was because its the most penetrating school (you can’t get resist rating for it),
    and the potential benifit to tankadins.

  11. Rockeroad says:

    ohh im a warlock and i will use the lightweave embroidery for the damage since it cant be resisted and yeah 300 mana isnt that much unless it procs just about every spellcast. to me these things make tailoring pretty good. I just want that magic carpet NOW! and i mean NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! that thing will be so cool, flying around northrend on a carpet. makes me feeel like a genie =D

  12. Jonnyb says:

    “We have drums, you have nets, those cancel out”
    Now thats the stupidest thing I’we read in quite some time. GL netting Gruul

  13. Brian says:

    300 mana proccing even 3 times a minute is an awesome enhancement. That’s 75 mp5. (I am just making up this 3 times a minute thing by the way but even twice a minute is 50mp5). This can add up to thousands of mana in an encounter which will make up for not being able to mana pot more than once.

    As a warlock, you probably don’t see the value in mana regen since you can lifetap, but other mana users can see the benefit.

    Currently on my casters, I have to give up some other stats to have enough mana for some fights. Extra mana regen means more of others things.

  14. Kathy says:

    ROFL! I’m so going to do this next time I go there!!!

    /cast net at Gruul.


  15. Sanelunatic says:


    I’m going to guess that you didn’t play before badge loot….. and that you’re not a tree, a moonkin, or a shaman (the LWing casting sets are pretty nice, especially for the broccoli stalks). I honestly don’t know much about its uses for hunters, the hunters in my guild were all LWers though. And I think the bear set was decent in early raiding.

    BEFORE badge loot LWing was one of very few places to get a decent chest, it requires elem LWing. Swiftstrike shoulders are very nice, the pattern does drop in Hyjal/BT so depending on the server it might be hard to find on the AH (assumming that you weren’t raiding that content). The swiftstrike bracers aren’t too shabby either, they’re boe so, no you don’t have to be a LW to have them, but hey, someone has to be able to make them.

    Don’t even compare drums to netherweave nets. Netherweave nets are almost completely useless. You might use them for shits and giggles in a bg if you’re goofing around. On vashj some guilds that had afflic locks kiting striders used them, but having an elem shaman kite is one thousand times easier and with them kiting they make the nets pointless. Drums are essential in Sunwell. You can not down Bruttalas without them.

    In comparison tailoring’s benefits for casters does overwhelm the other professions’s BoP items imo.

  16. Duke says:

    Swordguard Embroidery could be useful for a Rogue, that’s about all i can see using that

  17. Gardorian says:

    I believe embrodery can be added to anyones cloak through the non-trade slot in the trade window… need to go home and test to confirm

  18. Banburshe says:

    This guy got something completely wrong in his explanation of the cloak enchants. 300 mana return chance per chance is a healer specific enchant any dps wearing this enchant over the new cloak haste enchants is a fool. The cloak enchant doing additional holy damage (800-1000) on spellcast is on ANY SPELL CAST. You do not need to be casting a holy spell to get this proc its just the magic damage of this proc is considered holy. Another note is that it might very well also scale with spell power. 800-1000 proc damage is good in its own right but receiving benefit from your spell power would make this IMBA ofcourse depending on proc rate + internal cooldown.

    Read things carefully and understand the wording before u make expensive mistakes.

  19. twilightsmuse says:

    I am surprised that Blizzard included a melee dps embroidery… because how many melee dpsers wear cloth and would otherwise benefit from tailoring?

  20. Banburshe says:

    update on my previous comment, i have found it to have a 15 second internal cooldown which is imba, it does not scale with spell power but it can crit (imba). It procs very very often. This is quite good for pve and for frostmage pvp.

  21. thyagobr says:

    Funny, locks don`t have what to complain about their class, so they complain about professions? =D