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Best Looking Rogue Set

I was supposed to speed up posting these polls, was I not? There’s still several classes remaining and I’ll try to squeeze it in before the expansion.

Today, we’re reviewing rogue tier sets. Be sure to click the images for a better view and vote below for your favorite one!

Rogue Tier 1 - Nightslayer

Rogue Tier 2 - Bloodfang

Rogue Tier 3 - Bonescythe

Rogue Tier 4 - Netherblade

Rogue Tier 5 - Deathmantle

Rogue Tier 6 - Slayer's Armor

I can’t seem to decide whether I like Tier 2 or Tier 6 better, but it’s not up to me anyway. Just remember, you’re voting for the best looking rogue set, not the one with the biggest Warglaives.

Best looking rogue set:

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12 responses to “Best Looking Rogue Set”

  1. megan says:

    Tier 1 - Nightslayer Bra Cup Shoulders.
    Tier 2 - Emofang.
    Tier 3 - Power Ranger.
    Tier 4 - Power Ranger.. at a masquerade.
    Tier 5 - Skeletor.

    It’s a toss up between 5 and 6 for me, but currently on my Rogue, her Season 3 helm’s “collar” clips very badly with her hairstyle in the back, which is my one complaint about that set.

  2. Joggoms says:

    Definitely between the tier 2 and 6 sets for me, I think the rest are rather ugly. I would probably vote tier 6, but I hate that helm so I vote for tier 2.

  3. SappyRogue says:

    I’m partial to Tiers 4 and 5. Actually, I’d like the full tier 4 with the T5 helmet, I’d be good there.

    Seriously though, most of these sets look really dumb. Why do you hate us Blizz? Where’s the roguey gear love? ;)

  4. Horns says:

    For a class which spends half the time hidden, Blizzard is taking too much time designing the sets :D

  5. Mir says:

    Stormshroud isn’t in the list :(
    (I know, it isn’t a rogue class set, but still looks awesome!)

  6. jargal says:

    give me rogue

  7. DarkRonin says:

    while the Tier2 set looks nice it almost looks too warlock/caster like to me, the Tier5 definitely looks more assassin/rogue style to me.

    So when the next one? possibly best Priest set?

  8. DerBuuhmann says:

    t2 is nothing like casterset it sucks-.-. t5 rocks others are shittie

  9. Druid Norris says:

    like what DerBuuhmann said all of them are shittie but t5, and t6 and 4 are ok

  10. Fernando says:

    lol , I think the undead Tier 2 looks best from here, however, i have recently also seen the New Tier 8 and i must say that helmet LOOKS BAD ASS! it actually makes rogues look like walking zombies! :D T8 is by far the best looking ^^
    heres a link, take a look your selfs ITS the best ^^

  11. i think 6 is the best but i hate the helm id put it on hide

  12. Killfactor says:

    Tier 2,3,5,7,and 8 (Minus the helm) Look the msot rogueish as we are supposed to be dark leather wearing shadow lurking assholes that one shot our opponents are we not? We are the highest burst Dps class :)