Yet Another Warlock Nerf

Hey Horns, how often do daily quests refresh?

(Nearly) Useless Warlock Spells

Useless abilities. We all have them. Sometimes we get them as we level up, sometimes we spend talent points on them. They plague our talent trees and our action bars. We’ve asked nicely for fixes many times, and we wonder if Blizzard even listens.

I’m going to catalog a list of inherently useless or otherwise weak abilities of the Warlock class. Think of it as sweeping together a pile of fallen food and trashcan overflow from the kitchen floor.

Why it’s useless: With the recent changes to spell downranking, there’s no point in using Rank 1 to pull Rogues out of stealth; also, the availability of better, more awesome AoE spells (read: Seed of Corruption), make me wonder why this spell still exists. Compare this to Blizzard. When talented, Blizzard infinitely better.

How it can be fixed: Don’t make it channeled; make it just “rain” in the selected area, even if this requires a cast time and/or cooldown. It would be nice if it had a secondary effect, too.

What you can do with it: Wipe your Hyjal raid during the Azgalor fight by making it rain on your main tank.

Pro tip: if your guild is having trouble on Nefarion’s trash, have a Warlock spec into Pyroclasm.

Why it’s useless: Short duration. Slow. Fragile. Despawns your pet. Leaves you vulnerable to attack. There’s no real need to ever look ahead. Requires a glyph for it be mildly entertaining. It can’t attack players anymore.

How it can be fixed: Make the eye invisible when standing still. Increase its duration. Give it some useful offensive ability (a one-second stun or daze effect, perhaps?) or passive ability (I found a new place for Paranoia!).

Why it’s useless: Why would we ever need to sense demons? To detect a Warlock’s pet in PvP? You can’t even detect mounted ones. I’d much rather detect minerals/herbs.

How it can be fixed: Perhaps add a glyph, like Paladins’ Sense Undead one, that gives some secondary effect that will give non-gathering profession Warlocks a reason to sense demons.

What you can do with it: Click it repeatedly, killing your global cooldown (seriously, why does sensing anything activate the global cooldown?).

Why they’re useless: With armors no longer dispellable by dispel shot and other dispelling mechanics, there’s no need to cast these on yourself in PvP unless you have other buffs to protect. Also, I’ve never had to go the water to catch an invisible Mage. Besides, it takes some time for Mages to go invisible, so it’s not like you won’t see them disappear.

Invisibility mechanics are extremely situational (see: Dire Maul), as are water mechanincs. Unless the expansion brings these mechanics into raids, then I can see these spells dying a slow death.

How they can be fixed: Creating scenarios in which invisible mobs may need to be detected or players may need to travel under water.

What you can do with them: Buff your raid to make yourself feel like an important part of buffing up. It’s like bringing a steering wheel to stick onto the dashboard while you sit beside your mother as she drives you to daycare.

Why it’s useless: It costs a soul shard. It lasts 5 minutes. The attack/cast speed penalty. The enslaveable demons aren’t even able to be kept, and the Warlock’s summons are better anyway.

How it can be fixed: Make the duration a lot longer (permanent?). I’m not asking for a pet-taming system like Hunters, but allow us to have some uniqueness with our pets.

How it can be used: Enslaving elite felguards in Nagrand and soloing the group quests.

Why it’s useless: The damage added to melee attacks is negligible (sorry melee Warlocks). But seriously, do I need to go on? This spell is incredibly outdated. This spell is the enormously fat kid from your economics class who munches on chips all class—you can’t miss him. Seriously Blizzard, throw this kid out for disrupting class.

How it can be fixed: Hopefully, the beta files uncovered will make it live. Otherwise, this spell will continue to be benched.

How it can be used: Gives you an excuse to roll on MH swords/daggers against Rogues and Warriors.

Why it’s useless: Before BC and Seed of Corruption, Hellfire was actually good for AoE. In fact, if I remember correctly, it was the best AoE spell in game, as it had the best damage output and worked very well with Pyroclasm. Now, however, downranking changes make this spell worthless in PvP, and it’s outshined by Seed of Corruption. Seriously, why even waste your health and mana on this spell?

How it can be fixed: Remove the self-damaging effect and make it uninterruptable without talents. Alternatively, it could be a passive damaging effect around the caster without being channeled (with reduced coefficients and base damage and a decent cooldown). I’m up for suggestions.

How it can be used: Killing yourself. Seriously. It saves durability. I mastered this skill in my raiding days and I very rarely suffered durability loss. Even if this spell doesn’t see a revamp, it’s still a neat trick—I just feel the spell should be used as it was intended to be used.

Why it’s useless: On live, it’s a 1 hour cooldown. It requires a reagent. High mana cost. The Infernal’s damage is negligable, he lacks abilities, he’s level 50. In beta, Even with the health, armor, damage increases, he’s still hardly worth the 20 minute cooldown (also hardly worth the quest to get this spell).

How it can be fixed: Give the Inferal some abilities. Give him a lot more armor and health. Make him usable indoors. Increase the duration of the initial stun. Make him feel like a cooldown.

How it can be used: The initial stun (also has the “oh shit” effect). Entertaining lowbies in Goldshire—he’s party trick.

Other thoughts: Will this spell be made trainable come the expansion? I didn’t bother with this quest or the Doomguard quest on my Human Warlock when I rerolled Alliance because it’s not worth it. Beta testers, please ask this question on the beta forums.

Why it’s useless: 1 hour cooldown. Mana cost. Reagent. Requires a full party. Doomguard doesn’t scale well (like all other pets). Doomguard needs to be enslaved. Doomguard’s damage and abilities are laughable.

How it can be fixed: Apparently, Blizzard is planning to work on the Doomguard for the expansion. However, he’s going to need a lot of firepower to make him useful. I’d like to see a substantial increase in his damage so he’s worth the cooldown and the trouble of having an entire party. I’ll reserve judgment on this spell, though, because I haven’t seen what Blizzard is planning.

What you can do with it: Drop the altar of the ritual on other player’s heads. Play a game of Russian Roulette with your friends.

I do recall that the Ritual of Doom at one point had the same graphic as Soulwell. I used to drop this in BGs to kill people. Way to ruin my fun, Blizzard.

Other thoughts: Again, someone in beta ask if this will be trainable in the expansion.



Why it’s useless: Poor pet scaling. Low health. In other words, she’s made out of wet paper-towels. Seduce-nuking (and destruction) in BGs is on life support and six feet under in the arena. Also, Seduce is on the same diminishing return as Fear (utter BS).

How it can be fixed: As of now, the Succubus is shaping up to be usable (usable, but not Soul Link-able) with the increases to health/damage/armor and Demonic Empowerment. I’m not in the beta, so I’m not entirely sure how well she works, but I have my fingers crossed.

How it can be used: Seducing in heroics.

Other thoughts: Hopefully she’ll be fixed and we’ll see the return of Seduce-nuking. But, as of now, she just gets two-shotted and ends up being a waste of soul shards.

Why it’s useless: As I said before, Seduce-nuking is nearly dead. The soul shard requirement. The cooldown. The cast time.

How it can be fixed: Remove the soul shard cost. Soul Fire’s success is died directly to the Succubus. If she works, people will use Soul Fire. As of now, I have a better chance of catching a unicorn than seeing a Seduce-nuking Warlock in PvP.

How it can be used: In currently-gimped, Seduce-nuking builds.

Final Thoughts:

Note that this is purely my opinion. I’m sure there are Warlocks out there that use these abilities in their current forms. However, I think that most Warlocks would agree that these spells need to be addressed in the expansion (excluding those that Blizzard has already planned changes for).

At the moment, it seems Warlocks have the most novelty spells out of all the classes. While novelty can be fun, these spells should have some functionality, even if it’s minimal.

While I am excited for the changes the expansion brings, there are still a lot of concerns in the Warlock community. I can only hope that Blizzard will look into our useless spells in addition to our other, more legitimate concerns.

If I missed any spells, let me know.

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25 responses to “(Nearly) Useless Warlock Spells”

  1. Graylo says:

    “What you can do with it: Wipe your Hyjal raid during the Azgalor fight by making it rain on your main tank.”


    I do this all the time on BT trash before Naj. Its really funny to see the entire raid move at one time.

  2. Grimmtooth says:

    Three minor points:

    1) See inviso is actually useful in Kara on live for the fading ghosts enroute to Aran.

    2) I use Unending Breath while farming water motes. Speeds the process up a lot, and is cheaper than buying pots.

    3) There is no 3.

    Oh - did you exclude Spell Stone, or just forget it?

  3. Graylo says:

    With my Hurricane of course.

  4. matt says:

    Detect Invis is already useful against mages starting invis in arena, and it’ll be much more so when the insta-invis is available in the Arcane tree in 3.0.

  5. Rockeroad says:

    Why it’s useless: As I said before, Seduce-nuking is nearly dead. The soul shard requirement. The cooldown. The cast time.

    How it can be fixed: Remove the soul shard cost.”

    Guess what? THEY ALREADY THOUGHT OF THAT! There removing the ss cost on it so that way we can use it more in our rotations and such! YEAH I CAN USE THIS ABILITY AGAIN!(Now if only it would crit really high, crits lower than my dam sbolt!)

  6. Phaelia says:

    I enjoyed this post so much that I immediately went to WoWHead to compile a similar list for Druids. Sadly, I didn’t come up with anything as I actually like all my spells as a Druid (well, except for that one with a bear claw on it that turns me into a brown, mouth-breathing octahedron with a tail - I still don’t know what that’s for).

  7. Mace says:

    Spell stone actually has a use.

  8. Horns says:

    /tar Phaelia
    /cast Soothe Animal

    Can’t think of any other useless druid spells :(

  9. Siha says:

    I’m levelling a warlock right now, actually, and it dismays me how fragmented the warlock abilities are. The Doomguard and the Infernal are depressingly useless, and I doubt I’m ever going to use my Succubus either.

    On the other hand, I love Underwater Breathing. :) It may not be useful for raiding or PvP, but it’s very useful in world content!

  10. Lanik says:

    Hellfire is still somewhat useful in PVE beyond killing yourself. Between phases in Reliquary of Souls, our guild clumps up for chains/CoH. Start to hellfire here and you’ll do much better damage than with seed because of how little health each ghost has.

    Oh and questing up through hellfire and nagrand was made ver y trivial with an enslaved elite demon ;)

  11. Drazharan says:

    Hellfire is good for breaking CC and destealthing rogues with spell detail on low.

  12. Everoswent says:

    I think you left the only good use of the Succubus, demonic sacrifice for the 15% extra shadow damage.

    Detect Invisibility is useful in Karazhan, at least for the path you have to clear to get to Shade and Chess.

    Enslave Demon is very useful too while doing Gruul’s lair.

  13. heath says:

    i disagree with most of your comments. situational yes, but useless? most aren’t.

    1) RoF. guess you don’t remember leveling. granted, at 70 its useless, but you don’t get SoC till 70.
    2) Eye. actually usefull for both leveling and soloing dungeons if the dungeon is at your ability cap.
    3) detect invis. useful in kara like someone else mentioned
    4) unending breath. again you probably don’t remember when SV was difficult and you wanted to get your kara key.
    5) enslave demon. you probably don’t remember running gruul.
    6) firestone. again you probably don’t remember leveling. up till 69, this is very good to equip when you’re about to AoE something.
    7) hellfire. suppose your guild never sees a wipe coming or ever had any other reason to kill yourself.
    8) inferno. for non demo specs, this is your only fast pet. 2 seconds vs. 10. that’s huge if you need a pet ASAP. (like doing adds in BM if your VW dies..or soloing any outdoor elite after you sacc your VW
    9) succubus…yeah, guess you don’t do 5mans either.
    10) soulfire. did you ever level a lock? its still a great opener till your shadow>fire.

    pretty disappointed with your list.

  14. Gritz says:

    I’ve started using Soulfire again - if you have a decent amount of haste and are well-coordinated with your druid/rogue arena partner, you can start casting SoulFire as soon as the cyclone/blind goes up (assuming the opposite healer is running around a pillar, trying to shake your pet so he or she can drink) and you get a nice 2.5k burst.

    Rarely works twice vs the same opponents though.

  15. Smatter says:

    Okay, I don’t think these spells are ENTIRELY useless. Hence the title of the post: (NEARLY) Useless Warlock Spells

  16. Rottinggut says:

    Eye of Killrog
    Our raid leader is a warlock.
    He uses the eye in…The Eye and other instances to mark the next pulls when they are out of sight.

  17. piff says:

    I love hellfire, what would i do if i couldn’t kill myself in raids?

  18. Jandrae says:


    I thought you had some pretty valid points but disagree with some of your comments.

    1) I’ll agree with this comment since it’s really the only good aoe option until 70.
    2) I honestly don’t see how the Eye of Kilrogg is good for leveling or soloing dungeons. Most people know dungeons inside and out and solo them by plowing through them.. not summoning a floating eyeball to go see whats ahead. I’ve neveled 2 warlocks to 70 and used this maybe 2 or 3 times tops.
    3) detect invis is useful in kara and in pvp to find mages but thats it.. yay.
    4) if you cant summon and kill the key frag mob in the time it takes you to run out of breath you probably shouldnt be in kara in the first place. if you’re that worried about swimming underwater, go farm Gnomer for a Hydrocane.
    5) enslave demon is great for gruul. i agree with you. it’s also a good form of cc in demon-heavy dungeons like magisters terrace or bot. who doesn’t like impressing their group by banishing one mob and then tanking the next pull with your enslaved demon?
    6) firestone is crap.. wasting a global cd to equip this to add a whopping 30 fire damage to rain of fire isn’t even worth it IMO.
    7) hellfire is a great way to lower your repair costs and was a good AoE pre-BC as long as someone was willing to heal you. outside of those two “stellar” uses, it’s still pretty crap.
    8. a lot of people dont consider the “fast summon” aspect of the infero and i’m glad you brought that up.
    9) the succubus is a huge part of your 5-man contribution to your groups.
    10) i dont know a lock who levels destruction.. and affliction locks don’t really use soul fire since there are no talents that effect it’s damage outside of malediction. even as demo, who wants to soulfire to pull off their felguard? the cast time and reagent cost outweighs it’s poor damage output.

  19. litofeit says:

    With a target properly focused framed, I can keep any npc humanoid caster seduced indefinitely. They never get a spell off before she reapplies. You need to be rocking a focus target macro to not loose much dps on your main target. When she’s not winking at the baddies for me. She’s dying so that I may reign down shadow upon my enemies. I’m hitting around 2500 dps in Mt Hyjal with the fairly standard destro shadow build. It wouldn’t work without her. That’s far from useless in my opinion. Another use for Eye: use it to start the opera in Kara, keep everyone outside the door. This allows you to see what it is and talk about it for the new guys before they have to step in there. All opera bosses reset at the door way, just get your raid back a bit from the entrance. Not useful if your already farming Kara.

    Litofeit - Elune

  20. Niza says:

    One great use for Hellfire is when a hunter’s Viper trap pops on you. 2 or 3 quick blasts of Hellfire… no more vipers.

  21. Terminus says:

    Sacrificing his/her Succubus is what every single Destro lock does whenever their 15% Shadow SPD buff goes down.

    It’s mostly due to this buff that destro locks are vastly overpowered in TBC (luckily this will be fixed in WotLK).

    As you obviously have to summon the Succubus first in order to make all the mages in the raid cry, it’s one of the most useful lock spells.

    And “one of the most useful” is almost the exact opposite of “nearly useless” in my book…

  22. Metathorax says:


    though the one of my favorite things to do in bg’s is hide behind a magic no-L.O.S. tree/bush/shed and soul fire people. They could at least take out the CD on it now…

  23. SohlSucka says:

    Most of this stuff is Accurate but I am an Herbalist for Inscription and the Unending Breath When Glyphed is actually pretty Nice for Farming Those Under Water Herbs, Also Soulfire is Pretty Useless Burn An SS for a Spell that won’t do Crap and takes 6 seconds to cast it if glyphed for corruption you could easily drop 3 or 4 Shadowbolts that all have a chance to crit essentialy meaning more damage, Enslave demon is pretty Useless As is Inferno WTF do I want to waste an SS on Enslave to get rid of my felguard and less then a minute later he attacks me? No Thanks Felguard is Much Much Better Especially now with his Taunt Succubus haven’t really used her much as with the Felhunter if im dueling a Caster yeah ill pull the Felhunter out just to eat him really quick and do the /rofl pwned emote , My 2 Most Often Used pets are Void/Felguard and I rarely ever use my void anymore, I pull the imp out when I log back into the game and realize Oh Shyt if forgot to Get SS’s when I logged off, anyways this is a decent list of stuff that’s nearly useless but I do have to Disagree with you on the Rain of Fire/Hell Fire Especially Now that they are able to crit *hellfire sucks when it crits on yourself*

  24. Igelstellung says:

    Eye of Kilrogg, useless? Nay.

    Glyphed, it can fly and is FAST. And if you’re looking for a mob that has a route, this little thing’s perfect for scouting without aggroing the entirety of the local population.

    I’ve already saved a ton of time using this guy to sneak into buildings looking out for stuff.

  25. blacktalon says:

    I disagree on quite a few of these, but heres a few main points.
    Rain of Fire is useful on occasion, ie bosses summon non elite (or even elite) mobs and you cant risk threat on the boss from SoC, and when running lower end dungeons (BC or older) for farming, helping guild mates, etc, it can burn trash down fast.

    Eye of Kilrogg is definitely useful, see Igelstellung’s comment.

    Ritual of Doom, not effective in a traditional sense, but the demon DOES NOT need to be enslaved, its automatically attached to you.

    Unending Breath? extremely useful for the hundreds of underwater based quests of Northrend, and when glyphed it provides a swim speed bonus.