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Warlock Glyph’s… so which ones should I take?

As you may or may not know, coming in WotLK will be a new mechanic called glyphs.  Glyphs are like enchants, but they modify how a spell either behaves or looks. For the moment, all players are allowed to equip 6 glyphs, 3 minor and 3 major. At this stage in the Beta process, a lot of the glyphs have been revealed, but not all. Perusing Wowhead shows a great number of major glyphs, but no minor ones. What i’m going to focus on in this article is which glyphs warlock’s should be equiping based on what we know currently in the beta. 

First, i’ll provide a small caveat, since we don’t know all of the glyphs available to the class, i’m going to go by what we know via the wotlkwiki site and how they classify major and minor glyphs. Whats a major glyph and whats a minor glyph isn’t totally clear yet, but we’ll go with these definitions for major and minor glyphs taken from the wotlkwiki site:

Major Glyphs provide major upgrades to spells. Examples that have been given are the addition of stuns or DoTs to spells, increased damage, or knockbacks.

Minor Glyphs provide small upgrades, or cosmetic improvements. Examples that have been given are the removal of reagent requirements from spells, lowering spell costs, or changing spell graphics.

From these definitions we can take a pretty good guess at which glyphs will be minor and which will be major. Unfortunately, not many minor glyphs have been identified, so i’ll skip those for now. Since they’ll be mostly cosmetic in nature, which ones you  pick will be up to personal preference.

Affliction PvE:

1. Glyph of Curse of Agony - an extra tick or two of CoA is always good for some extra damage.

2. Glyph of Siphon Life - increasing this by 20% is a nice boost.

3. Glyph of Shadow Bolt - Reducing the mana cost of a spell we’ll be spamming considerably, is a good thing. 

Demonology PvP:

I’m going to look at Demonology from the PvP point of view, since this spec is most commonly used for PvP. In the future that very well may change - so please not too much hate mail please :lol: 

1. Glyph of Fear - This isn’t all that spectacular, but with as much as we fear in the BG’s and arenas, its something worthwhile. An extra 20% before breaking the ability is a decent amount. 

2. Glyph of Howl of Terror - Reducing the cooldown on this spell is great for PvP,  gives you a HoT every 32 seconds.

3. Glyph of Death Coil - Gives you another half second to get off that fear. 

Destruction PvE:

1. Glyph of Shadow Bolt - Like all locks, we spam this till we run out of mana.

2. Glyph of Corruption - If you’re destro spec’d then you won’t have talent points in Nightfall which gives you this ability. Free Shadow bolts for all!!

3. Glyph of Searing pain - You could go with a couple options here for this choice.  I’d go with extra damage for searing pain, very useful when you want to do a lot of damage quickly. 

So there you have it. While talent builds will likely change our spell mechanics, these glyphs will likely be the choice for each of these specs due to their nature.  One glyph that looks very promising that I left out, Glyph of Souls, would be a staple for raiding locks as it allows you to pop down a soul well with no shard cost. According to the beta this is a minor glyph, so whether you’re Affliction, Destro or Demo you’ll be able to benefit from this one.  

As always, let us all know which glyphs you plan to take once WotLK hits in the comments.

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11 responses to “Warlock Glyph’s… so which ones should I take?”

  1. Gell says:

    still hoping for a glyph of green fire!!

  2. Romil says:

    Me too.. maybe when they start breaking out more of the minor glyphs.

  3. Gell says:

    ooo! just thought of something, what if they gave us a minor glyph that changed the imp/voidwaler/succubus/felhunter/felgaurd models, i know there is at least different models for imp and VW, maybe different for felgaurd(like the ones in nagrand)

    just a thought

  4. Smatter says:

    Glyph of Corruption is awesome for PvP Destruction.

    Glyph of Fear is tremendous for all specs.

  5. Romil says:

    I really don’t use fear that much in PvE stuff, so I really don’t see it as more useful than the ones I have listed. In dungeons and raids, DPS is the most important thing and that Glyph doesn’t really help that.

    I agree that Glyph of Corruption is good for Destro or Demo since you won’t have nightfall.

  6. HW says:

    Just a quick observation about the desirable glyphs for destruction… While we currently spam shadow bolt, it looks like this might not be the case in WotLK. With the certain nerfs to existing talents (especially imp shadow bolt) and the overall direction of the new talents in that tree, I suspect that speccing into destruction will actually make one a fire lock, so the glyph selection outlined in this post may need to be reconsidered. I will say, though, that Molten Core coupled with the introduction of corruption as an instant cast spell at baseline makes the glyph of corruption a very interesting and appealing choice.

  7. SomeDave says:

    I think glyph of corruption is one of the best glyphs to have for any spec. Can’t say I’ve seen all of them though.
    Banish is by far the most annoying and worthless.
    If you raid with destro or 50 demo/21 destro (fire) you might want glyph of imp instead of searing pain (which is a good way to pull a LOT of aggro but thats not usually good as a warlock!) since your imp actually does important dps.

    Also don’t agree much with improved agony for pve affliction, due to the massive number of debuff slots you use up (6+) no1 is going to take more than one aff lock in a 25 man raid so you’ll be using curse of elements

  8. Yggdrasil says:

    Using Curse of Elements will actually have some leeway, depending on other pieces of raid composition.

  9. nummynums says:

    Glyph of Felguard is a nice touch for meta-ruin type builds.

  10. Bombz says:

    FYI : The entire destruction thread is obsolete and doesnt apply anymore doe to the new spec/rotation.

    And glyph of seering pain is the dumbest thing you could EVER do. You’ll die in 4 seconds due to threat.

  11. Ush says:

    Affliction pvp:
    siphon life / shadowflame
    howl of terror

    minor - exhaustion