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Warlocks in 3.0 and Beyond

Had to reuse the image again since it so damn fits what you are about to read.

I had a little break the last few days after the hosting fiasco, but it’s time for another useless and non-constructive post. Since many of you asked for it, I’ll try to review the current state of warlocks, the issues which are still not resolved as well as those which are. Expansions are usually the time when we should be happy about all the improvements our class gets, but is that the case with Wrath?


According to many reports, warlocks are consistently beated by many other classes in raids, especially hybrids — moonkins and of course retribution paladins deal nearly twice as much damage. I have yet to check the damage myself, but some of those reports are based on heroic instances where affliction locks are obviously nearly useless since the DoTs barely have a chance to tick before the mob is dead. However, note I said “some” reports: in Sunwell, I hear it’s the same thing. Among other things, Demonic Sacrifice was considerably nerfed, as well as Improved Shadowbolt (down from 20% damage bonus). It might be the first time in history, but even other classes agree we need some help.


Basically, they still suck. I already said in my Warlock Glyphs post some classes received nearly gamebreaking glyphs which are far superior than the ones we got. Not much has changed since then, and I doubt anything will change by the time Wrath hits and even after. Even the Ritual of Souls glyph got nerfed (previously it did not require a Soulshard to cast). There is a handful of good glyphs which will be in every warlock’s arsenal, including glyphs of Fear, Corruption .. You can read Romil’s post for some guidance.

Survivability dropped

Soul Link no longer reduces 20% damage but rather 15%. Since it’s moved up the demonology tree and it’s available even if you invest a lot of points in some other tree, I can live with that, but keep reading. Demonic Embrace now only grants 10% more stamina, down from 15%. Additionally, there are no warlock-specific items anymore with higher stamina values, plus the armor bonuses are lower on Wrath gear. Demonic Embrace should therefore give us a 20% bonus to stamina since we will loose plenty with the item homogenization or whatever you want to call it, but instead it got nerfed.
Warlocks are known to have higher stamina than most other classes, which we make up with the lack of melee protection and escape tools.

Pet scaling and survivability

I might write more about this issue in a separate post, but I’ll summarize key points here. There are a couple of positive changes: pets received about 15% more stamina, plus demonology locks now have access to Demonic Empowerment. However, both of those are marginally useful. Blizz made their decision and does not want pets to scale with master’s resilience, which often makes them a prime target in PvP ever since arena season two. Supposedly, if the other team decides to waste time killing your pet they should be able to kill it, but today it only takes about five seconds for a warrior to kill your Felhunter. That’s hardly a big sacrifice since the warlock is literally gimped if that happens: we loose Soul Link, Demonic Knowledge, pet abilities like Spell Lock and Devour, and a couple of other benefits. If all it takes is three GCDs for a warrior to kill our pet now, how long do you think it will take in Wrath? They can have all the stamina in the world and it will not be enough until our pets start scaling with resilience.

Health Funnel is still a channeled spell which is another slap in the face. Hunter’s Mend Pet is instant cast for a looong time now, would it really be that overpowered for us to have the same? Improved Health Funnel is certainly a step in the right direction, but still not enough. Additionally, our pets now have significant AoE avoidance (I think about 80%), but that mostly benefits raiders.
And another hunter rant: they received a lot of pet improvements, and even new pets with amazingly good abilities, and got the survivability increased with the new pet talents. I’m not jealous, I’m actually quite happy when I see how many improvements they received, but I’d like a piece of that pie as well.


I’d love to nerdrage about this now, but I’ll just give you something to think about: rogues no longer need to brew their own poisons since “the reagents took a lot of their bag space” according to devs.
Don’t forget to read Smatter’s thoughts about the soulshards for a more in-depth look at this issue.

Still no melee protection

Yeah, you knew I was gonna mention it. Every melee class has been a thorn in our evil eyes for a long time now, and with the decrease in our survivability it will only get worse. We received no stun or snare protection, and while Demonic Circle is certainly useful and fun, it’s not enough — read this post and you’ll see why. Additionally, I feel I need to point out how Demonic Circle is actually quite overpowered in a way: jump down from the bridge in Blade’s Edge Arena, and port back up, or steal the flag in Warsong Gulch and port the hell outta there are two examples. But still, the core issue is not resolved: Intercept, Shadowstep, Death Grip are still the perfect counters.

New spells are boring

Metamorphosis is nearly perfect in this state, at least in my opinion, however it’s too bad you will never see a warlock using it. So far, affliction seems to be the dominant PvP tree and destruction for PvE, and demo just doesn’t fit anywhere right now. It’s cool yelling “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!” each time you use Meta tho. It’s also susceptible to crowd control with the paladin ability Turn Evil, which can now also be instant cast with a glyph.

Chaos Bolt looked extremely fun at first, but now it looks more like just another Shadow Bolt. It no longer pierces through immunities, plus it has a cooldown (small but still). Honestly, Frostfire Bolt looks way cooler and even has a snare, and you don’t need 51 points in a tree to have it.

Haunt is a nice ability which really hits the nail in the affliction tree and I like it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the duration increased. I’d also love to see Unstable Affliction becoming instant cast now since it’s a necessity in PvP (duration has by the way been nerfed from 18 to 15 seconds).

Shadowflame is nice as an additional source of burst damage, but come on, couldn’t they think of anything … I dunno, fun? The damage was increased in the last build to be close to that of Cone of Cold, but… Simply by adding a snare component or a knockback would fix a few issues I already mentioned: melee protection, Demonic Circle might be more useful, and we’d have a decent snare, unlike the ones you will read about in a few moments.

Downranking spells

You probably already realized downranking spells is no longer a valid tactic, and it did have a considerable effect on warlocks. Which ones, read here.

Haste, critical and DoTs

Haste can now be found everywhere, it’s one of the most common stats on the new gear yet we receive no benefit other than lowering the GCD.
Critical strike rating was obviously a less important stat for affliction locks so far, but with the new Pandemic talent it does have some use. However, note how it only affects two of our six DoTs in total.

Curse of Recklessness & Weakness

CoR can no longer be used for Fear-juggling mobs, which makes it nearly useless.

CoW is BS as always, since a) it’s a curse and b) it doesn’t scale. It does have it’s uses, but I have it keybound to Ctrl+6 which can easily tell you how often I use it.

There are many other spells I’d like to see revised, especially Inferno & Doomguard, and I recommend you read this post for further info.


Practically every other threat wipe ability is better: Vanish, Invisibility, Feign Death. They all have lower cooldowns and some even reduce all of your threat. Soulshatter can often be resisted, has a reagent cost, a five minute cooldown and it’s only useful for PvE. I think I mentioned somewhere I’d like to see a knockback effect added to it.


Curse of Exhaustion is, I believe, the only snare in the game which slows your opponent down for less than 50%. Give it a cooldown and a ten second duration, but increase the effect to 50%. Again, it would help with other issues. Additionally, we used to be able to use Amplify Curse to increase the effect to 50% once every three minutes, but that talent has been changed.

Improved Fear is cool but it does not stack with CoEx.

Talent trees in general

What is supposed to be our PvP/PvE tree? Destruction has several stuns and snares and at a first glance it’s perfect for PvP — both fun and has great burst potential. However, we are far too squishy and it might never make a serious break. So far, it looks it will still be a dominant tree for raiders.

Demonology also has many PvP-centric talents, especially the Metamorphosis, but the damage is still too weak to compete with aff or destro. We are heavily reliant on our pets which are easier to kill than ever before. It does have great potential, but needs some work.

Affliction received the most love for sure. There are many revised talents and great improvements, however it’s a pain in the ass to keep all of the DoTs up at the moment, and still lacks proper scaling with crit and haste to be as effective as it should. Also, we are just as squishy as with destruction. Having Soul Link doesn’t help since our pets die in the time it takes for us to apply a couple of DoTs on the enemy.

SL/SL is no longer a viable option, which makes me both happy and sad in the same time.

Not all is dark

We still did get a lot of improvements, but that doesn’t change the fact some core issues still need to be addressed. Here are some positive changes (or lack of negative changes):

  • New Drain Life, Mana & Soul animations
  • Spellstone and Firestone are finally useful
  • We can get new haircuts
  • Pets received some stamina and new abilities with DE, however, it sucks
  • Spell pushback change
  • Ritual of Souls now has 25 charges, up from 10
  • Shadowfury is now instant cast, but why did it take 2 years?
  • MS effect on HoTs - situational, but still useful
  • Demon Armor is back on my bars
  • Armor penetration is now changed and it reduces a certain percentage of your armor, so we should never drop to zero
  • We still have Fear
  • We still have Seed of Corruption


As Blizzard staff mentioned on several occasions, the spells and damage is supposedly based on level 80 values, and hopefully we will be competitive then with all the talents and proper gear. Yes, some classes are severely imbalanced now and according to Blizz it will sort itself out, but I’m suspicious about it — can you honestly say the classes were balanced even before this patch hit live realms? I get the feeling we have a long way and a bunch of patches ahead of us.

Smatter was right, there’s no magic. Christmas did not come early for us. They be taking our bucket! Most of us hoped we will see additional improvements in the last few weeks, but unfortunately none of them made it. As I said in the beginning of this post, even other classes post threads asking for some warlock love. We don’t need to be overpowered nor have to be the first on damage meters, but we want to be competitive and have fun playing a lock. Remember when we got Seed of Corruption in BC? That’s the kind of evil, fun and twisted spells we want. We just want to be evil, kill rogues and cackle like maniacs.

Did I miss something, am I just imagining things? What are your experiences with warlocks post 3.0?

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39 responses to “Warlocks in 3.0 and Beyond”

  1. Filabane says:

    While it hasn’t been all bad, it has been far from “sunny” for Warlocks.

    Inside of raids and groups not only did my DPS not go up, it’s actually gone DOWN. It’s not a huge loss personally by comparison to what others are reporting, maybe about 200-300, but when you take into account everyone else has gone up at least that I’ve fallen towards the bottom of the meters.

    Inside of BGs I’m able to to cause some havoc… if I’m left alone. But I get curbed stomped so badly if any class swinging a melee weapon comes my way it isn’t even funny. Being 70 still we lack the only new defense we were offered against melee, Demonic Circle, but I have the feeling that even with it it wouldn’t be much better.

    Pets are still in a sorry state. For PvE with the new rank of avoidance handed out they can finally live boss fights, but the fact that people are still trying to figure out how to make X/21/X work shows how their damage and utility inside a raid is still lackluster.

    For PvP they seem to be exploding faster than ever, if it’s even possible. Ya we got Fel Synergy and Imp Health Funnel to help keep them alive, but that’s little use when a Warrior or even a Mage wants to make them dead.

    And a personal pet gripe is with the Felguard. One of the big selling points on him was his original Avoidance skill. It sucked something fierce, but he was the only pet with a skill like that. Not that they’ve given (a much improved version of) it to all pets he really needs a new skill. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the very few things they did right with pets, but he now only has 3 “unique” skills. Something like Spamstring would be wonderful for PvP, or perhaps even a Pummel like skill which would be useful in both PvE and PvP. And with all the Hunter pet love I look at my pets and wonder what could have been.

    I love my Warlock, I really do, but I can’t help but feel like the red headed step child with the current changes. It’s like Santa gave me a shiny new bike while he gave my friends new cars.

  2. Horns says:

    I should include your comment as a TLDR version :)

  3. WLambros says:


  4. WLambros says:

    Oh wait developers play warriors and rogues we stand no chance…

  5. Yvelle says:

    So far, I have been some what disappointed in the warlock changes. I watch both the lock and hunter changes closely, because those are my highest (and favorite) classes. So much has been done to hunters and their pets, it’s amazing. The entire pet system was revamped. And yet our pets are pretty much the same, kinda meh.

    Why can’t we “tame” demons and keep those? Sure we can enslave them, for all of five minutes, but those demons have no special abilities (that I’ve ever seen). I’d love to tame a demon like hunters tame their pets. Granted, that would blur the lines between hunters and warlocks at least pet-wise. But there must be a compromise, somehow. With all the effort that went into hunters, can’t something be done with our demons?

    It’s frustrating to see other classes get so much overhauling, and so little for us.

  6. Grimmtooth says:

    Personally I haven’t seen much to complain about yet. So far I have only tried Affliction on my lock, and the results for PvE solo were actually pretty encouraging for what I can expect to see in raid. The core of Affliction has changed significantly, so anyone that plays Afflic in raid the same was as before IS going to see gimped results. As an example, the demon’s role has changed somewhat, and if that is not exploited, there go some of your DPS.

    That’s all I have to say so far, though, other than Demon looks - in theory - to be viable for raid, and I was left cold by the Destro tree’s changes. But that’s pure conjecture on my part.

    Ask my Hunter what he thinks of the soul shard thing. Any time he can get a bag slot back in place of ammo, he’ll stand shoulder to shoulder wit’ ya.

    But comparison to poison reagents? Hardly.

  7. rockeroad says:

    So yeah, as blizz saidc our spells are balanced at 80. At 80 most warlocks, as they ahve said, are doing very good dps and in the top 3. Though demonology is still low down it is still up there in the top 10. But yeah nerd rage for shards=NO MORE SHARDS FOR COMBAT SPELLS! I can deal w/ it for my pets and summoning and creating stuff but i mean cmon. we dont wanna use a shard for soul fire and shadowburn! There needs 2 be glyphs to get rid of the shard cost on em!

  8. Chaeli says:

    “we dont wanna use a shard for soul fire and shadowburn! There needs 2 be glyphs to get rid of the shard cost on em!”

    This. Although I couldn’t care less about Soul Fire, and I’m not currently specced for Shadowburn — too much goodies in the Affl tree to try out.

    By the way, what’s with the Glyph of Drain Soul going for 100g on the AH? The same price goes for Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth for druids. It’s almost terrifying. Anyone else experiencing such insane prices, or is it just people on my server being really reagent-hostile?

    Oh, and, does anyone know if Glyph of Corruption stacks with Nightfall in any way, or just overrides it?

  9. WLambros says:

    OK I am not buying lich king. I want to see a lvl80 pvp warlock in WSG dying only 2 times during the BG. Then I might buy lich king. I cant arena and I cant go to BGs anymore - so I am retiring my lock and I am stopping wow unless we a lot of improvements. I wont play pve only while the rest of the classes grind pvp points - lvl80 pvp belt is around 46k pts.

  10. Smatter says:

    I paid 12g for my Glyph of Drain Soul (I do believe it’s bugged at the moment, though). The reason it may be expensive is that Minor Glyphs can be discovered once a day. So perhaps one person has the glyph, and he’s being a jackass.

    And yes, Glyph of Corruption does stack with Nightfall. This is especially nice for PvP Destruction.

    I typed this from my cell phone in Denver International Airport. Woot! I’ll get a post up in the next few days for you guys.

  11. Mace says:

    Also, the only really useful minor glyph available for locks right now, Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion, is bugged and does absolutely nothing.

  12. Chaeli says:

    Ah, cheers Smatter. :) Looking forward to your next entry.

  13. Caronome says:

    Sigh. I really enjoyed my PVE lock (0/20/41 shadow) till the patch and I certainly have not since the patch; nor do I expect to in WoLK. Perhaps that is why the recent nerf to the soulwell has made me irrationally angry; the glyph was neat and convenient but is now worthless. If they weren’t going to make locks better, I wish they could have left them alone!!!

    I guess I will keep WotLK on order, but I am starting to wonder about my post-Warcraft days.

  14. Saresa says:

    I have to say, I am totally devastated with the changes to Destruction. No, I’m not exaggerating. I guess I should start with a plus - Destruction locks now have a spell rotation! Hooray!

    Unfortunately, either I am horrifically bad (always a possibility), or our damage output has been nerfed into the GROUND. Painfully. I have beed trying out different spell rotations, but I can not match the power that was 0/21/40 pre 3.0. I have gone from being the top of the charts to much further down. Other locks I have been raiding with have either gone to Affliction, or are doing little better than myself.

    It really leaves me wondering what the purpose of the Destruction tree is. Clearly Destro locks are not meant to be extremely competitive in Arena. PvE was always our niche, and now that is gone as well.

    I will keep playing my lock, and I will keep playing Destruction, but I would like to see some major improvements. We now bring much less damage and very little utility to raids.

  15. Talthos says:

    Honestly, I havent logged into WoW unless my guild asked me to for my healer. my main was a resto druid, which i hated in pvp. I liked the lock, but after all i saw trying to play on the test server, i havent even tried him live.

    I HATE the arena system. too many bugs and flaws in the ranking system. its just to easy to exploit- a new 1500 team in season 2 gear should not face a season 4 rogue. CC and melees are way overpowered, and one mistake losses you the game. I like to play with RL friends on the classes we chose at the start of BC. That said Arena’s screwed that because Feral druid/dic priest/shadow priest just cannot survive…arenas are too based on class make up. in 3’s if you dont have a warrior/druid/rogue or PMR your screwed unless your season 4. when i play with my friends we just get super angry and start fighting. 4 bad games and boom down 60 points and the fighting starts.

    I have moved onto other games and am not really looking back. Trying Warhammer, but not sure ill stick with it. its got bugs galore, but its new and fun.

    I quit EQ since it was more like a second job.
    I stopped WoW because i just wasnt having fun with friends anymore, just kept getting frustrated.
    Time to move on.

  16. Chrom says:

    Did you really complain about how spell haste doesnt effect any of your “instant” casts, and only effects GCD? Really?

    Most of the other classes would kill to have that many instant casts…

  17. Ivan256 says:

    I’ve actually enjoyed the patch changes. A lot. But there are issues… Many issues.

    I speced 5/4/52, and have seen an increase in DPS over my old 0/21/40 spec. I’m hitting 2200-2300 DPS on BT bosses where I used to do 1900-2000 DPS. The difference though, is that I used to be 5% ahead of everybody on bosses, and now I’m behind Ret pallys (by a lot), rogues and hunters (by a little). I don’t mind being behind a couple other DPS classes, but it’s pretty annoying to be behind the pallys. When the dual-spec change goes in… Yeah… Pallys need nerfing hard.

    I tried specing for Haunt… Something has to be done about this spec. The rotation is insane. It’s too frantic. You can’t keep max DPS output, concentrate on getting out of trouble, and stay alive all at once. Pick two. (Oh, yeah, and unless you pick the last two your DPS will be zero, and you’ll get well acquainted with the floor). All the abilities need their durations buffed. Or there needs to be two fewer spells in the rotation… Or something. It’s non-viable right now.

    The biggest crushing disappointment in the patch? It wasn’t the lack of the soul shard changes… It was when I cast Chaos Bolt at one of the Flames of Azzinoth and was rewarded with “Immune”. /cry

  18. Ivan256 says:

    Oh, one more thing… Glyphs…

    All I have to say is this:

    Remove Master Summoner from the Demonology tree and make it a Glyph. A minor glyph.

    That is all.

  19. Ivan256 says:

    Try 5/4/52 or 0/4/57 (Either improved corruption or Fire & Brimstone based on whether you want Corruption in your rotation.)

    Your rotation will be Corruption (maybe), Curse of Agony, Chaos Bolt, Immolate, Incinerate until there’s 1-tick of Immolate left, Conflagrate, repeat.

    You should be able to match (and in some cases exceed) your old 0/21/40 DPS on bosses unless you had a lot of +shadow gear that got nerfed. You’ll have to learn to live with the fact that your trash DPS is lower though. Learn to get excited about big yellow “5000″s instead of big yellow “10000″s.

  20. Ivan256 says:

    Oh, one last thing… Don’t forget to tell your imp to attack. Empowered imp, and the imp glyph are your friends here.

  21. Gansolino says:

    Holly Molly.

    Time to reconsider my build and my happiness with the patch.

    Tx for the post.

  22. Dash says:

    So basically, fire with imp is still good.
    In my guild I am still 2nd in dps to a tier 6 rogue with dual warglaives, and Im in kara/tier4 gear.
    For the time being, seeing as mobs die much too quickly, our dps is taking a hit. But bosses on the other hand tremble and sizzle in fiery fury. Once trash is the same as ever, it will be the same.
    We are still great for raids, with more healthstones, soulstone still, bloodpact is back, and our dps is still quite nice. Not to mention our ability to summon has always been very useful.
    If you’re PvE affliction? Then youve still got mass dots and your felhunters new raid buff is useful.

    All in all, I’d say we got a pitiful but still noticeable buff. Just not nearly as WTF-buffed as, well I dunno every other class. I do agree with how many things in our tree are utterly useless however.
    So basically, I like my firelock. Less burst damage, more sustained damage though. I miss SB Crits.

    P.S. Oh, and I love backdraft!

  23. crazyeyes says:

    I’m glad I have a couple alts to choose from because it looks like might finally be abandoning my warlock as my main with these new changes. :(

  24. Micco says:

    Wow, nice comments.

    I use to always be pvp and raid, with one build, and I would take a hit on oe one or the other, SL SL was nice but I went to demo destru sac I loved it..

    I don’t rock the charts in dps for raids, but I can stay alive and keep on the charts atleast, I went full demo with a little affliction, and I rape in pvp, I mean honestly, metamorphisis with imolation aura is insane. combine that with Deathcoil, a felguard, and some other tricky tactics, and you won’t lose to any single class, even ret pallies, (oh and the herb heal is nice too) combine that with the glyph for healthstones and you got a lock that doesn’t want to die :)

    I always wanted to play a class that can ‘morph into a demon’ and now they gave it to me, I can’t expect to be the best at everything, but i’m hard to kill and I love to play this style, so until I find a perfect raid build i’m content for now :) - micco from executus

  25. Katana says:

    The patch notes for 3.0.3 are up on PTR.
    * The epic ground mount is now available on the trainer at level 61, requiring 150 riding skill, and the non-epic mount learned.
    * Demonic Sacrifice: The buffs from this ability will now be retained properly when logging out or zoning.
    * Demonic Empowerment: This talent no longer gives excessive threat to the Warlock’s Voidwalker.
    * Destructive Reach: Now properly reduces threat on Chaos Bolt and Shadowflame.
    * Drain Soul: Rank 6 now properly deals additional damage ot targets below 25% health.
    * Haunt: The cooldown has been changed to 8 sec, and refreshing the Haunt will trigger the heal from the existing Haunt.This ability will no longer heal for incorrect amounts or fail to heal when the Huaunt damage was the killing blow.
    * Inferno: The Infernal is now useable indoors and the tooltip has been updated.
    * Master Demonologist (Felhunter) will now also reduce damage taken by Holy.
    * Ritual of Doom: Now works correctly even when the Warlock already has a pet (dismissed the existing pet.)
    * Shadowflame: Damaged increased approx. 75%. Coefficients unchanged.
    * Shadow Embrace: Now works on ranks 1-4 and stacks properly with multiple applications.
    * Soul Link (Demonology): Increased from 15% to 20%.

    Some good stuff in there, not a fix to all of our woes but not bad either.

  26. WLambros says:

    So they are nearly bringing the warlock back to how it was in 2.4.3. Still long way to go. Stripped us off from paranoia in the name of raiding and created a bigger mess. Paranoia was no1 rogue defense which the warlock desperately needs. I rolled my warrior and man leveling is super fast. I also right click and stop looking at the screen for a while. Warlock play was indeed more trouble with little to no entertainment. Reason I am playing a warrior is because I prepaid to february 2009 and I dont want to lose that money. I will also need the arena and pvp points I lost during their class fiddling for free as my pvp kills dropped from some hundreds daily to 20 or so:P

  27. Horns says:

    Ghostcrawler (Source)

    We have finished a fairly comprehensive look at the dps of various classes and specs and are concerned that warlock dps isn’t quite where it should be. It’s not abysmal by any means, but we think it should be a little higher.

    To give warlocks a little extra nudge in PvP, we increased Soul Link up to 20% from 15%. You may already have this change.

    In PvE, overall, we just think a lot of classes benefitted from getting the warlock buffs a little more than the locks benefited from getting everyone else’s buffs. So we decided to just buff lock damage across the board (which will also help in PvP somewhat). Rather than change damage and coefficients of a lot of different ranks of spells, we just inflated talents that we were almost certain you’d already have. Shadow Mastery, Demonic Tactics and Emberstorm were all increased by 1% per rank for 5% total.

    Let us know how that feels. The changes should go live before Nov 13.

    That should affect two of the issues, damage and survivability, but it will hardly fix the latter. Now if they could just look at the pet scaling, we might be on to something.

  28. Katana says:

    Wait, you mean Blizz cares about Locks?

  29. WLambros says:

    No they dont. Apparently they didnt even play the warlock with the changes. What ahppened is, we nuked the warcraft forums and made clear that we are quiting locks or wow intirely since we are customers and the game no longer fits our gameplay style. I actually rolled a warrior and stopped playing my lock entirely. When my prepaid months are up its warhammer online baby! unless blizzard starts to nerf the right classes and fix ours. Rogues had no room for their poisons in their bags so they no longer get stored in bags. Shards? HELLO??!!!! grrrr

  30. Cythrawl says:

    Destruction’s rotation…

    …Sucks. Conflagrate is one of the clunkiest spells to have to use ever. They should remove it from the GCD [something Blizz claims to hate to do, yet in reality they seem to do it to the vast majority of significant abilities at some point] or at least rescript it so you can actually use it straight after applying immolate. Immolate, too, should no longer eat backdraft [though admittedly they've said they want to do that, which is 110% baller] because it may as well be a 2 charge talent without it.

    Concerning Blizzard’s recent buff: It isn’t enough. It makes me very happy, yes, and it’s certainly a step in the right direction, but soul link is still something you only take because you have nothing good, and the pet still dies instantly even when you’re [talentedly] health funneling it. On beta I was playing a metamorphosis/ruin spec, and whilst I could beat most people, when I actually fought a few decent players I got completely fucking smashed. To be fair, I did manage to 3v1 two warriors and a rogue in meta on live, but I would really hate to be balanced [if that's what you want to call it] around a huge 50pt talent cooldown.

    The issue with the class isn’t the dps or flat survivability numbers, though, despite how much they might suck.

    The issue is how demonic pact is worse than totem of wrath for 4 more talent points a tier deeper. The issue is how pet utility sucks ass and fel domination is nowhere near good enough. The issue is how affliction spends 200% of the effort of other classes or specs to deal damage and then deals less than a RETard rolling his face. The issue, is how I still have to fill up one bag with shards, one bag with engineering bits, and one bag with bandages/food/hearthstone/whateverelse: why shards have always taken up more space than poison reagents ANYWAY and they STILL remove those first.

    What the FUCK are Blizzard thinking?! Are they even thinking? I’ve written the world’s biggest wall of text here so whatever, I hope somebody reads all of it anyway.

    No TL;DR for you.

  31. Horns says:

    @Katana: if they cared, they’d make soulshards stackable. That’s all.

    You made excellent points, but my wall of text is bigger than yours. In yer face!

    You made me thinking (which is quite a feat btw!): why exactly is our survivability based on talents, such as Meta or Soul Link?

    Still, I’d settle with stackable soulshards and pet scaling.

  32. Andrew says:

    If you want our instant casts, you can have them.

    We are not referring to INSTA-cast pom pyros. Even a nightfall proc isn’t enough to drop health of any class sufficiently to make it “game breaking.” Until another class plays a lock to 70 or 80, they won’t grasp how gimped they are.

    * Fear. Nerfed to oblivion. Most PVPers have the trinket to get or Horde pops Will of the Forsaken. With it breaking on given damage, Fear is one of the most useless CCs.

    * Deathcoil. On CD. Helps to start the battle, but minor to interrupt or throw a soon-to-be broken fear.

    * For what instas we have…COA, Siphon life (if you take it) and CORRUPTION, it’s hardly enough to drop life much, especially with resilience impacting dots. DOTS take nearly 10 seconds to do sufficient damage, rogues can wipe them off, mages can ice block them off, they can be dispelled and bubbled out of. We are not equating with devastating damage and dots here.

    *Comparatively, rogues can stun lock to heck, even with trinkets or human racials, and still put you down to the ground.

    *The few casting spells we have are hardly worth it, with long cast times and low damage relative to other classes casts. We’re too IN THE MIDDLE. In AFF, we have too many dots, with each dot not doing enough damage. In destruction, too long cast times given the relative damage they do. I don’t see why a Destruction Warlock can’t be a NUkING Shadow Mage. Why is that wrong?

    *Last, we are effectively ‘tanking’ casters, with declining stamina and no way to get out of the way. Druids have roots and cyclone. Mages, bah loads of cc. Warriors are killing machine. Paladins have not been the joke make them to be. Hunters have been pretty darn good. And the burst dps of a shaman still makes them formidable to the warlock.

    I have several other classes, and none feels more sandwiched and broken since the emergence of wrath’s drop than Warlocks. All other classes feel relatively consistent or improved. But because of the way locks were broke PRIOR to Burning Crusade (poor scaling in affliction), they went and broke them some more by attempting to fix the symptom (high damage), and not the core issue (class build).

  33. Cythrawl says:

    @ the Cow

    You win this round! And..the others..but..yeah.

    Forced talents … it seems silly, but the warlock class has always been forced into talents. /point at Corruption, which took two expansions to make instant. /point at Demonic Embrace, which is such a critical PvP talent is isn’t even funny anymore. /point at Bane, which is such a critical PvE talent blah blah blah. But yes. I’d settle with that, too. Well, that and demonic pact OR fire and brimstone being good [on par with other talents of the tier keklol], but as it is I’m really considering rerolling DK because that class will get attention from the devs, and everybody knows it.

  34. Ledrok says:

    I play a destro lock, I don’t have the greatest gear but over time I made myself a 1/2 decent pvp player. Patch 3.0 comes along and over night, I am crap and every nob head under the sun is now charging around like he-man pounding me with 2 / 3 hits. People who previously wouldn’t say boo to a goose are now all powerful, simply by virtue of the patch, nothing else.

    It’s a joke.

    And the lock glyphs…. pathetic.

  35. Ivan256 says:

    How is Conflagrate clunky to use? ’cause you can’t throw it in a spammable macro? ’cause you actually have to pay attention to buff durations? The destruction rotation is actually fun now. Sure, it sucks if you actually enjoyed spamming shadow bolt… It actually takes a little (tiny) bit of skill to get max DPS out of destruction. But now tank & spank bosses don’t bore you to death anymore.

  36. Revelator says:

    b>>S demon is THE eimzing spec for pvp there is no one that can stop you palis easy rogues only if they are smart ..
    stack spell power and abuse demon aoe old sl sl is not working any more times have change we all have to move on but trust me with that demon spec 13k life 450 res and 1250 sp you can take 2 people in arena alone if you play smart

  37. gt says:

    On the bright side… Drain Soul has a new spell effect. I got some good laughs from it. >.>

    No seriously, I may not be a warlock but I feel your warlock pain. It seems the Desto locks I know are the unhappiest of all… Some classes fared better than others in 3.0.2 and I hope Warlocks another look!

  38. Tom says:

    Developer discussion:

    I have an idea, let’s give the classes with the best armor the most DPS?… Great idea, we can give them more anti-caster tools too. Those pesky casters with their cloth armor are OP… Agreed, while we’re at it, let’s create an entire new zone brimming with non-fearable undead? Let’s make most of the elites un-fearable as well? Fear wards for everyone!…

    We can create another new class of plate-wearer and give him mondo-dps too. After all, it’s only reasonable to match mega-armor, mega-hit points and mega damage, isn’t it? Another thing,… we don’t seem to have enough charge/stun effects for the melee classes. Let’s make every stun last longer than the cloth-wearer’s hit points under the new buffed melee attacks?

    Let’s pay special attention to locks. They are shadow mages after all… Let’s give locks a nerfed-down version of blink, only usable in rare situations that we don’t really intend. We can give them 3-4 more DoT’s, each with a different cooldown to complicate the rotation, but none doing much damage. That’ll keep ‘em busy debating the merits for a few months. And for PVE, we’ll just leave locks at their current dps, so that the tanking classes pass them by on the damage meters?…

    Wait a minute, don’t locks have life-draing abilities? Can’t we make sure their puny damage draws maximum threat to compensate? As long as they can drain a few hundred points of life, why don’t we make sure we’re sending the instance mobs straight to interrupt and do thousands of points damage to make up for it? What’s a good number… let me see… how about 3% threat reduction? That’ll be a little less than mage’s and shadow priest’s 40%, do you think they’ll notice?… Haha, with as little damage as we’re giving locks and as much running as they’ll be doing, they’ll be lucky to ever notice.

    Also, we’ll make cloth gear universal, with lots of haste, spirit and crit. Since insta-casts don’t benefit much from haste and DoT’s mostly can’t crit we can have a bunch of dps casters waiting for all that spirit to refill their mana bars? If only we could find a way for melee classes to steal that mana?… Yeah, let’s work on that next…

  39. Horns says:

    Lol :)

    Make it a post and submit it next time ;)