Yet Another Warlock Nerf

Hey Horns, how often do daily quests refresh?

Destruction Gets Nerfed

Nerfed to the ground.

Nerfed to the ground.

Blizzard just announced here that they hotfix nerfed Conflagration, so it does 70% in place of 100% damage of Immolate in an instant cast. As seen below, this has severely nerfed the previously powerful 0/40/31 destruction spec that warlocks were flocking to. The spec’s number one damage dealer was conflagrate, and a nerf has basically destroyed the spec. For those who complained here, your prayers have been answered.

Below are damage breakdowns and DPS rankings before and after the hotfix.

This is the damage breakdown for a 0/40/31 Warlock before the hotfix:

And now post-hotfix:

And in relation to all other specs:



Blizzard’s reason for this was that Warlock burst damage in PVP had gotten out of hand. Blizzard said this was a problem, because it allowed two casts (Immolate, Conflagrate or Shadowflame, Conflagrate) to do a great deal of combined damage for geared warlocks. For reasons that will always be beyond my comprehension, Blizzard thinks its a bad thing to two shot mages. However, I think Blizzard implemented the wrong solution. Blizzard should have just removed the ability to consume a Shadow Flame.

Destruction has been nerfed to the ground, no longer making it a viable PVE spec at the least. Long live 0/41/30, the inbred felguard demo-destro hybrid spec.

Also, I’ve only been able to get a couple hours in on the realms since they went up, but has anyone else had a really hard time getting soul shards since the patch? That change was supposed to fix the problem…

Edit: Oops. Seems that shards in your bank count towards the 32 shard limit.

note:  This post on gearing based on talent spec will soon be updated with this current information taken into account. Until then, that info is outdated.

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11 responses to “Destruction Gets Nerfed”

  1. Sean says:

    This is hardly “nerfed to the ground.” All major specs are within 300 dps of each other in a simulation and frankly that hardly seems like a relevant disparity. Player skill and circumstances like latency and lag will be what differentiate Warlock dps, not spec. Except for exceptional cases, which Blizzard has addressed pretty promptly, the same holds generally for dps classes. Lighten up and have fun playing the spec you enjoy.

  2. Re: soul shards

    Make sure you don’t have any in your bank.

  3. Alghieri says:

    Sean, when a change takes the top normal (read: no doomguard) dps spec and makes it the second worst, a day after everyone had to respec, and when many of the warlocks I know specced that particular spec, I consider it my duty to let everyone know about the change and its implications.

    Look at it this way: if nothing else, at least now you know where those 400 dps you were doing yesterday went now.

    @ Brandon- Thanks. I had a couple in my bank.

  4. Sean says:

    I am not criticizing your post in so far as it lets people “know about the change” but rather about the purported “implications.” The hyperbolic tone and literal reading of simulated runs misrepresents the effects of the change. No one was doing 6900dps yesterday, and no one is doing 400 less dps today simply by virtue of these changes. Using a program to calculate the theoretical maximum dps of various spec/gear combinations will at best give you a ranking of specs for an idealized tank-and-spank boss fight. However, even then issues like the relative difficulty of one rotation versus another can and will alter real world results, particularly for specs that are very sensitive to maintaining that rotation (ie 3.08 haunt/ruin). Should they have fixed this before moving 3.1 to the live realms? Sure. I hope though that people recognize just how limited a tool like simucraft is and play the spec they want to play irregardless of minor differences in third party simulations.

  5. rockgod913456 says:

    agreeing to the “why is it wrong to 2 shot mages.” comment. i laughed out loud at that one.

  6. Ingles says:

    Yes, this is quite concerning… no notification from Blizzard either. perhaps you can link the spec 00/41/30 after 3.1, if you would? much appreciated. . .

    It’s a conspiracy against us warlocks, i tell ya..

  7. Luiniel says:

    How does 3/52/16 gain 200dps with the hotfix?

  8. Smatter says:

    Dammit, Al. I can’t edit your posts. I wanted to do this:

    “Smatter Update: I told you so!”

  9. Lôx says:

    but seriously one think i don’t get, DK were overpowered for weeks in pvp. And blizz did nothing until 3.1. And now the WL has one good spec and blizz does something about it the next day!

  10. andrew says:

    just wondering do warlocks have a chance to get decent rating in season 6 of arena. warlocks were already one of the weakest classes for arena (not that the recent “buff” would have helped at all.
    if anyone has any ideas for specs could they please link them to me

  11. paulski says:

    LOL. And this is what GC says:

    ‘Our new policy will be that if any spec is ever unbalanced, all other specs and classes will get one week period in which to be unbalanced just so everything is is fair. We hope that if everyone is unbalanced for a period of time that ultimately the game will be balanced. Ponies for everyone!

    So who wants to be first?’

    As far as I am concerned he can take the carrot that is dangled in front of his pony and shove it where the sun don’t shine. He might want to have Kalgan remove himself from there first.

    So happy I quit playing wow. Now I just read the forums for amusement.