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Maximizing Warlock DPS Part 2: Not just face rolling

The following post is the second part of the recent guest post, Maximizing Warlock DPS - part 1 by Infynite. He did a fine job at teaching us to get the most out of our warlocks, but this time he’s taking it to a whole new level!

Unfortunately, no gnome mages were harmed while making this screenshot!

Unfortunately, no gnome mages were harmed while making this screenshot!

As many of you know, there is often the misconception that a warlock will sit down, bind all his keys to one particular spell, and then proceed to face roll the entire rest of the night.  We’ve been accused of being an overpowered easy mode class that requires absolutely no skill to play.  However, nothing can be further from the truth - have you actually TRIED face rolling?  It hurts.  I’ve wound up with bruises on my eye the day after a particularly grueling Naxx run.  So really, face rolling just doesn’t make sense at all - you need to actually use the keyboard.  And sometimes that hurts too - your hands and fingers get tired.

How do you overcome this you might ask?  Well, you can practice finger exercises for starters.  Also, before every raid, can do some simple finger stretches - that way you can be limber and ready to respond to whatever may happen.    However, possibly the most important thing that will allow you to hit your rotation most efficiently is knowing when to take breaks.  I know I personally have had a problem with this in the past - never knowing exactly when I can take a breather and give my fingers a quick rest.   In between pulls I’ve often been found to be running around using critter bites on maggots or making my tiger do the moonwalk - I never just settle down and relax some.

But today all of that has changed!  Thanks to locksucks and the fine crew there, whenever there is a lull in the pulls I pop out my picnic basket and sit back and give myself a break.  I’ve found that this leaves me more prepared for those long boss fights, increasing my overall DPS by nearly 10%!  Thanks again locksucks for directly improving my performance.

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2 responses to “Maximizing Warlock DPS Part 2: Not just face rolling”

  1. Keabard says:

    lol, that’s a nice ticket man :)

    Be sure I’ll think about relaxing my fingers next time my guild and I are giving a few tries on Hodir. :p

  2. Iseefnords says:

    Personally, I rely on my new personal assistant the Imp in a Ball to manage my busy DoT schedule. If he says its time to take a break, I do so.

    Disclaimer: The imp in a ball may attempt to wipe your raid. Do not take a break when you have the Light or Gravity bomb debuff. Consult your common sense before using Imp in a Ball. Do not use Imp in a Ball if pregnant, overweight or suffering from a heart condition. Do not ingest Imp in a Ball. Do not startle, throw, or drop Imp in a Ball. Warlock Incorporated is not responsible for loss of life or soul shards resulting from use of Imp in a Ball. Exercise caution when reading Imp in a Ball disclaimer.