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Devs ask for Warlock QQuestions

I'm sure you must have one.

I'm sure you must have one.

The WoW developers are posting a thread on several of the class forums asking for concerns from the community. They even posted one of these threads on the warlock forum (probably because of our insanely OP performance in PVP)!

I suggest you all head over there right now and voice your opinion. Just in case you forgot what your opinion should be, let me remind you:

* Pet survivability
* Affliction damage and CC dilemma (DOTed target = fear lasts 2 seconds)
* OPness of melee against us
* Dispel protection on immolate

Now go, go, go!

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  • Date posted: May 19th, 2009
  • Post author: Aluraud
  • Category: misc
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20 responses to “Devs ask for Warlock QQuestions”

  1. Kunigunda says:

    Don’t forget GREEN FIRE and glowing weapons from stones (like shamans get glows from their enchants).

  2. Acephalous says:

    AND summonable flying mounts! :) …o and new demon at lvl 80

  3. Ingles says:

    Toughen up guys, use your brains in pvp. oh, and buff warlocks :)

  4. paulski says:

    Its being done for all classes. I really wouldnt hold your breath for any decent changes. What did Blizzard do to locks recently? A class that has one of the poorest representations in arena.. they nerfed the class.

    The designers in charge of this game are hopeless.

  5. Wlambros says:

    Just tell them to f***k off. I am tired of the warlock situation my DK is good
    Warlock R.I.P. killed by Blizzard

  6. lmapii says:

    well maybe they don’t want the game to be balanced so that players keep on hoping that they’re class will be op one time or they wait for the buffs (for years now). cause there is NO F***ing way that so many well paid designers can’t balance the game. if all you do all day long is think about class design and balance there is no lame excuse for such a mess…

    blizz you failed. again and again and again and again …

  7. Natsdad says:

    I believe Demonology needs a slight buff for PvE play. This is my suggestion:

    An addition to Metamorphosis is needed. It will read something like “your summoned demon will gain the same non-cast (or environmental) buffs as you do.” The wording of this seems bad, but the idea is on fights like Hodir, non-hard mode Yogg, Loatheb (crit buff), Thaddius, Ignis (haste buff), etc… The buffs players receive don’t properly aid pets. This isn’t an issue with Affliction or Destruction as the pets are not a major component of their DPS. The Meta/Ruin spec has the demon doing 30-35%+ of DPS on most fights. On the aforementioned fights, pet DPS can drop to 10% or lower. This often puts the Demonology lock near the bottom or just above the tank on these fights.

    I think this buff will stand up to scrutiny. It will not affect PvP, the bane of most buffs. It won’t affect DPS on any fight accept those that are designed to have major DPS buffs. It will be placed on the 51 point talent, so only those who are truly Demonology will have access to it (begone 41/30, it’s almost an exploit spec, anyway).

    To the trolls who are sure to post – the spec is viable, this isn’t a waste of time. I won’t use my personal experience to boost my claim. Watch the Mimiron hard mode video on MMO-Champion, you’ll see a demon form lock pewpew’ing. Look over Ensidia’s roster, you’ll find a Meta/Ruin lock there, too. These are just two easy and obvious examples.

    I’m not asking for a buff that will do anything but allow Demonology to be a viable spec on fights where the encounter is buffing the player to artificially boost DPS. Please just bring us along for the ride.

  8. Wlambros says:

    Demonology needs a boost in everything. Metamorphosis is just a 51-point rip off. And for 30 secs, I would expect a lot more like complete immunity to snare effects etc. I can’t understand why this cannot become permanent? Btw Shadow Priests seem to do shadow damage way much more better than warlocks even if they have only one shadow tree

  9. Wlambros says:

    Forgot to add that warlocks have been victim of neglectance since lvl 60 no pets not many new abilities most nerfs

  10. Rynelfos says:

    lol we must use brain,that got me rofl,made my day =D
    They said that Wlock was op,yes pro were killing 2enemies(drakerog,boneshock etc…)on Tbc they were hitting 5-9k on greenies op?No!retarded 15yo kids couldnt stop 4sec cast xD
    see the difference wotlk tbc
    Heh Wlock is a darksorcerer and he is used for teh spirit buff xDDD
    lets use warrior 4 intellect buff gj Blizz =)
    I dont want to train years and to be pro like som locks to have a normal survivability :D i just want to have Fun.
    They want to make balance in pvp,pve…neither in nature there is no balance.
    Why cant they make it like eg…warr antiC rogue,wlock ac mage,priest v dk.
    And nerf for pvE :) yes 10yo kid can kill hard Ilidan oh amazing,there is no challenge,They want more ppl to play that game./fail=wow is good enough without iq nerf and subliminal messages xD

  11. Kodachi says:


    a quote from the dev team’s response to Shamans:

    “We’re sympathetic to warlocks and hunters being the two classes most affected by the removal of totem stomping, and we do think their respective representation is low, but we don’t think the way to buff them in Arenas is by letting them be ultimate totem stompers. On the other hand, a reason to just not hotfix in more health to totems is that that change would primarily nerf warlocks and hunters, who need nerfing the least in Arena at the moment.”

  12. paulski says:

    Six months after WOTLK was released they are NOW considering class balance?

    It seems to me they know what they are doing and buff classes based upon how many people are playing said class. Funny how rogues have been PvP Gods, and just how many people play rogues? The whole disparity between melee and casters is just silly. But having played wow for over 2 years, I have observed that classes become OP in a round robin style system.

    I even leveled a rogue to 60, but the sheer boredom of grinding has decided my decision to quit wow. The game doesnt have anything new, and having put literally months into my main character, only to have it made gimp by their own design. I think its time to leave it.

    Good luck to you all, WoW is a bollock game designed by idiots. The current development team are caretaker developers and are milking their cash cow to the limit.

    If I heard in the news that Kalgan or Ghostcrawler were hideously murdered I would crack open a beer and celebrate. So if those two are listening, thanks for nothing assholes..

    Months of my life wasted upon a character that by design has been made a fucking joke.

  13. Stevil says:

    The fact that there’s not been anything posted here in over a month is a bummer. I always really liked this site.

  14. Kunigunda says:

    Stevil, it’s because devs do not care about locks so there is nothing to post, no news :{

  15. Kodachi says:

    The Warlock Q&A answers are up!

  16. Kunigunda says:


  17. Keabard says:

    The dev answers don’t give any information… they even dared to answer the green fire question… bullshit !

    “You will have a new EXCITING soul shard system, soon(c)”

    Chamans get Totem Bar and the possibility to set them all with one button, we get nothing.

    Did anyone ever think that devs actually cared about our class ? Here is your answer.

  18. Wlambros says:

    seems that this blog died with the warlocks. Or at least the old school warlocks.

  19. Horns says:

    I seriously doubt I’ll ever fire up WoW again. After I stopped playing at least I kept myself updated on the latest stuff, now I lost interest in that too. I’m nearly clueless as to what’s going on with WoW and/or warlocks, and frankly I don’t really give a shit anymore. From what I can tell locks are finally a decent class now in 3.2, just a year too late.

    The little time I have I’ll rather spend playing something fresh. Lately, Aion caught my attention, already preordered it but I doubt it’ll keep me engaged more than a month or two. After that, who knows. In any case, thanks for sticking around Wlambros, you’ve always been a loyal commenter ;)

  20. Aluraud says:

    I haven’t given up completely yet (as I’m still playing). However, in the past month I’ve had a ton of RL stuff that has prevented me from writing an article. Rest assured, they will start relatively soon =).