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I expect the battle for Shaft Control would be the focal point of this arena
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The number of the week is 3

By Gabe, of Penny Arcade infamy.

By Gabe, of Penny Arcade infamy.

I was originally going to write a long, angry rant about the state of warlocks (pet resilience change did nothing, etc). I’ve changed my mind, however.

One of the biggest changes in the upcoming season is the change to the 2v2 bracket (no longer awards titles, weapons, or shoulders). Let’s talk about that.

So with the 2v2 bracket obsolete, 3v3 will become the de-facto bracket for WoW arena players. What does this mean for warlocks? Luckily, we have several very viable 3v3 comps. Let’s run down a few of the more viable/popular:

Rogue/Warlock/Shaman (RLS)

This is a comp that makes things go boom! Your primary role for this comp is to bring “mad burst.” Between bloodlust, resto shaman burst, rogue burst and CC, and chaos+conflag crits this comp can put out a tremendous amount of hurt in a very short period of time.

A key for this comp is to stay offensive. Go into this comp with the mindset of playing double dps. That is to say, aim for getting a very strong opener and making quick switches where possible. Force cooldowns and punish the enemy team for wasting any amount of their resources in the beginning of the game. Shadowfury an enemy healer in the middle of a cast into a blind=>hex=>death coil=>spell lock chain (or any long CC chain) is game breaking.

Another important thing to remember is that destro burst is very susceptible to dispellers. For this reason, make it a priority to either CC the enemy healer or put out so much pressure that the healer doesn’t have time to dispel.

Also, rogues become very fragile creatures once their cooldowns have been used up. It should be your goal, therefore, to pop cooldowns quickly and score a fast kill.

Mage/Warlock/Shaman (MLS)

This comp can put out a lot of burst, but it does it in a different way. The key here is the synergy between destroy warlocks and frost mages. Frost mages control melee classes beautifully… while destroy warlocks do not.

To succeed at this comp you need to have very good communication between yourself and the mage, since he needs to control your foes and be ready to pull out his burst when called for.

The shaman is the ideal healer for this comp once again because of bloodlust and his own individual burst (which is the highest of the healers).

Warrior/Warlock/Druid (WLD)

This is comp is viable again not because of any specific buffs warlocks have gotten recently (because we really haven’t gotten any… QQ). Warriors and druids, on the other hand, are extremely strong in the current arena environment.
The amount of damage a warrior can put out is simply ridiculous, especially against a cloth class. Add in MS, the pressure of an affliction warlock (that’s you), and druid CC and you can see why this comp is strong.

Your role in this comp is mainly support. You must spread your DOTs around to create pressure and use fear extremely often and well. Every member of this team needs to peel for the others to succeed. If you are getting train your warrior can hamstring one, the druid can root or cycle the other, while you run away/port to freedom. Conversely, fear also is a great peel if your druid is getting trained. If your warrior gets trained… I guess peel. You could also /lol.

Death Knight/Warlock/Druid (DKLD)

This comp is similar to WLD, except it doesn’t have MS. You also have more CC thanks to death knights having strangulate… mind freeze… ghoul stun… death grip… chains of ice… you get the idea. Since you don’t have MS your role will be to create as much pressure as you can (you’re affliction here) so that when the DK unloads his burst something dies.

Peels are also the name of the game here.

Shadow Priest/Warlock/Shaman (Shadowplay)

This comp is very, very strong right now. Shadow priests now have a mini MS which, along with recent shaman buffs, put this comp from retarded bad to amazing overnight.

You will of course be affliction. As before, you need to create as much pressure as possible (I’m sounding like a broken record). In case there is any doubt how to do that, always put up UA first against teams with dispel. If your opponents have no dispellers put up haunt first, then UA. After your casted DOTs are up on your primary target put up instant DOTs, then spread DOTs in the same order to the other players.

Your other major job is to kite, kite, kite. This is always something you should do on any comp, but it is more important here because you don’t have hax warrior or DK peels to help you out. Because of this, I strongly recommend using the Shadowflame glyph. If you can land a shadowflame slow on your melee train and then port away that will give you some breathing room.

That’s all for now. I apologize for the long delay in updates. I have recently moved, so I had to get everything squared away there. Rest assured, I have not left and I will continue posting updates in the coming weeks.

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4 responses to “The number of the week is 3”

  1. Drzoidbrg says:

    Great to see the articles are back!

  2. Twan says:

    glad to cya back, i used to run a DKLD almost exactly as you prescribed, intersted to try a Shadowplay next

  3. Mongmong says:

    Nice to see new articles!
    Is Paladin(Retri)/Warlock(Affli)/Druid(Resto) playable?

  4. Aluraud says:

    Mong, you will suffer from lack of MS. Ret can’t peel for you, but he can give you freedom. Freedom, unfortunately, just doesn’t last long enough in the long run and you will get trained and shut down.

    Not saying it isn’t viable. I just don’t think it will be as strong as other comps.