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RSS stands for Really Simple Sindication.

It’s basically a way for you to keep track of when new posts are published on your favorite websites and blogs.

The days when you had to bookmark each website and manually visit it when you wanted to check for new content are long gone. With RSS, new articles are literally delivered to your feed reader.

Personally, I use Google Reader as my feed reader. It’s simple to use, has very advanced features, and makes subscribing a breeze: simply click the Add subscription link as shown on the picture below and type in the site’s URL (e.g. or a direct link to the site’s feed (

If you wish to keep track of users comments on my articles, you’re welcome to subscribe to the comments feed.

For those of you who don’t like Google Reader, Bloglines and Newsgator are excellent alternatives.

If you’re using Firefox (and you should be!), it’s easy to find out if a site has an RSS feed: it will show a little orange icon in the address bar - click it on your favorite site and watch the magic happen.

If you don’t like RSS for some reason, you can also subscribe via email and get each and every new article delivered straight to your mailbox. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll tell you what’s new (you will never ever ever get spam or ads, only articles posted on this site). It’s delivered by Feedburner, a trusted site used by thousands of people and owned by Google.

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